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Neil Robert Sakow

Owner and Curator at American Dream Museum

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American Dream Museum

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Neil Robert Sakow is owner and curator of the American Dream Museum in West Hartford CT.
A life long Mickey Mantle fan, his comprehensive collection of Mickey Mantle memorabilia and collectibles is among the finest in the hobby.

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Neil Robert Sakow is curator of Neil's American Dream Museum, a shrine to an age of innocence and a tribute to Mickey Mantle, John F. Kennedy and Howdy Doody.
For Mr. Sakow, those three American icons ... Continue reading >

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Neil's American Dream Museum of West Hartford, Connecticut was founded in 1988 by renowned Americana specialist, Neil Robert Sakow.Sakow began his massive American memorabilia collection in 1951 at the age of six with a Howdy Doody wristwatch with moving eyes.His father owned a department store which became the source for some of the mint-condition items in the collection particularly the now-rare toys.What makes the collection especially fascinating is that items that originally were bought for pennies, nickels and dimes now are worth hundreds, and sometimes, thousands, of dollars.Many of the toys in the collection are in excellent and mint condition - many with original tags and boxes.Today, the massive private collection of Americana memorabilia is a testament to the icons of Neil's childhood and exists because of Neil's love of collecting."Neil Sakow is the keeper of the kingdom," says the Providence Journal.Serious American collectors seeking investment-quality "nearly impossible to find" memorabilia which are not presented within this catalog may contact Neil directly with inquiries about extremely rare items or visit the museum by appointment only.Display counter card of Colgate toothpaste (the show's first sponsor) (Neil can sing the jingle) "My age of innocence coincided with the nation's" - Neil SakowNeil Sakow is a respected authority on Mickey Mantle and author of the book, The Most Mickeys on my Mantle.According to the Hartford Advocate, "Compared to Neil Sakow, other baseball freaks are strickly minor leagues."

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