Nedra Bradley

Nedra Bradley

Chair of the Committee at DCDEC VR

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President, the Vice President and Presidential Candidate  - The U.S.


BDC Secretary  - TV News

BDC Secretary  - Beaches Democratic Club

Member  - Beaches Democratic Club

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BDC Secretary, Nedra Bradley, being interviewed (again) by TV News, speaking out on behalf of Democrats.The current U.S. President (Clinton), the current Vice President & Presidential Candidate (Gore), and Presidential Candidate (Bradley) all addressed the Convention!On the coldest day of the year, Beaches Democratic Club Secretary, Nedra Bradley and Vice President, Ann Farra (shown standing above) set up shop and registered voters. The DCDEC pushes voter registration throughout the year, said Nedra Bradley, Chair of the DCDEC VR committee.Our members set up at various events where voters can change their name, address, county or party.Bradley said the information we provide is non-partisan."We do not carry our parties over to voter registration." Absentee Ballots are "the secret that's being kept from voters in Duval County," Bradley said.People who rely on public transportation to reach their precinct, people who work far away from their precinct, or those discouraged by rush-hour traffic may forego voting when they could have used an absentee ballot, she said. Nedra Bradley, a member of the Beaches Democratic Club.Her sign read "No Tillie in 2000."T-U 12/22/1998

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