Nayia Moysidis

Nayia Moysidis

Contributing Writer at Thought Catalog

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190 N. 10th St. Suite 305, Brooklyn, New York, United States

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Guest Blogger - NYTM

Chief Executive Officer - Lean Startup Machine

Chief Executive Officer - Writer's Bloq

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Nayia Moysidis, Founder and CEO of Writer's Bloq, is celebrating this early success by hosting Unsolicited, a reading/MFA mingle at the Strand Bookstore in NYC on May 3, 2012.
The top writers, determined by user evaluations, will read their work, and thanks to savvy and dogged networking, publishers, agents, and editors will be part of the informal audience of writers, readers, and MFA'ers. Moysidis gave AWP an interview on what Writer's Bloq-which receives funding from multiple sources including investors from Silicon Valley-is all about, how it was founded, and what her plans are for its future. In the Fall of 2010, she was a senior at Columbia University. She had written a novel, shown it to editors and faculty, worked on it some more, and felt ready to send it out. After roughly 100 unsuccessful submissions, she began asking herself, How does anybody get published? What is the barrier? She looked into self-publishing, but she really wanted an editor. Then she attended an MFA panel on how to acquire an agent, thinking it would really help her out and restore her fervor. Here's the advice she received: "Go into teaching or become a paralegal." "If you are working on a career, you aren't in a workshop. So, what actually keeps you writing? What keeps you engaged? What's your muse? Moysidis said, commenting on the options for a writer post-graduation. Moysidis said she drives people crazy, constantly picking the brains of her literary friends, attending readings, cold-calling writers and editors-all in the service of really making certain that Writer's Bloq is as important, helpful, and necessary as she wants it to be. "We want to create something that is actually useful," she said. For Moysidis, this job is full-time, all day, everyday, "and I have not felt overworked. "We might keep it kind of blind," said Moysidis. "When the writers consider themselves succeeding," said Moysidis, "we'll feel we've succeeded." Check out this essay on the importance of writing and by Nayia Moysidis in Forbes:Imagine a World Without Innovation in Literature.

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