Nathaniel Boteler

Nathaniel Boteler

Governor at Providence Island Company

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Born in 1577 and with early experience as a privateer, Nathaniel Boteler (Butler) served as a sea captain and a colonial administrator in the early Stuart period.
Connected by patronage to the Earl of Warwick, he was appointed to the Somers Isles (Bermuda) Company in 1622 and was responsible for building up the colony and its early institutions. After a visit to Virginia, which included fighting against the Indians, he took part in the expeditions against Cadiz in 1625 and the Île de Rhé in 1627. Unable to gain command of a 'Ship Money' warship during Charles I personal rule, he became Governor and Admiral of the Providence Island Company in 1638. After a 1639 raid on the Spanish Main, his subsequent life after 1640 is unknown.

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· Nathaniel Boteler: Six Dialogues about Sea Services.Between a High-Admiral and a Ship's Captain at Sea.Concerning the Commander in Chief ...

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If anything of the kind was introduced later in her reign Captain Nathaniel Boteler, who had served in the Jacobean navy and wrote on the subject early in the reign of Charles I, was ignorant of it.
In his "Dialogues about Sea Services", he devotes the sixth to 'Ordering of Fleets in Sailing, Chases, Boardings and Battles,' but although he suggests a battle order which we know was never put in practice, he is unable to give one that had been used by an English fleet.

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