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Last Updated 8/24/2010

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Agriculture Minister  - Sindh

Food Minister  - Sindh

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Nadir Magsi, a member of the Sindh Provincial Assembly, led the community in building a levee, but the danger has not passed: Water is rising at places to within a foot of the top of the dirt and stone barrier.

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Our present wheat stocks stand at meagre 45,000 to 47,000 tons, which is sufficient only for two weeks," Sindh Agriculture Minister Nadir Khan Magsi told media persons on the sidelines of Sindh Assembly on Wednesday.
He said the demanded 0.2 million tons wheat would be distributed in Karachi and rest of the province equally. He told the federal government that there was a big gap in supply and demand of the commodity, and expressed fear of famine if the federal government failed to take pre-emptive action of providing Sindh with at least 0.2 million tons wheat immediately. "I would not be responsible for the shortage; rather it would be because of the federal government, which has hardly given Sindh half (0.45 million tons) of the promised 1 million tons wheat," he said. He said his department was in contact with federal minister for agriculture who had assured him of providing sufficient quantity of wheat. "We don't have shortage just now, but we are likely to face it after two weeks if not given more wheat," Magsi added.

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In Category B, Nadir Magsi, the Sindh Food minister, won first prize.
He covered the distance in nine minutes, 46 seconds. Sardar Channa from Lahore won second position after covering the distance in 10 minutes, 25 seconds. Noman Khan from Lahore won third prize and covered the distance in 10 minutes, 40 seconds. Nadir Magsi won first prize in Category A and covered the distance in nine minutes, 48 seconds.

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