Mustapha Jumbe

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Director General  - Zanzibar Ports Corporation

Ports Authority Director  - Zanzibar Ports Corporation

Managing Director  - Zanzibar Ports Corporation

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According to Zanzibar Ports Authority Director Mustapha Aboud Jumbe, 30 divers constituted the team of rescuers, although independent sources said those rescued had to thank stevedores who relentlessly embarked on the rescue before official institutions such as the anti-smuggling unit (KMKM).

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The Zanzibar Ports Corporation (ZPC) director general, Mustapha Jumbe, said here yesterday that Zanzibar ports had made a remarkable progress since it signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Damen Shipyard Gorinchem from Netherlands in 1998. Jumbe was introducing DAMEN managing director to Zanzibar's Minister of Communication and Transport, Brigadier General (retired) Adam Mwakanjuki."Just last year we made a small tag boat named ‘KULI', a 400 tons water berg and we can now repair vessels with mechanical problems," Jumbe said, adding that the work of extending the Malindi slipway starts next week under the supervision of experts from DAMEN.He also said that Zanzibar was striving to develop its ports to accommodate the East African Community business competition and that sea transport companies would use Zanzibar instead of going to Mombassa, Kenya for the sea vessels' services.

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ZPC Director General Mustapha Aboud Jumbe said in an interview at the weekend that the firm was planning to set up a clinic at the port if the differences would not be resolved quickly. He blamed what he called lack of communication between his office and the health ministry, saying there had been no co-operation. "We need first aid services right here at the port," said Jumbe, adding that in case of accident, a victim would be given no help. ZPC Managing Director Mustapha Jumbe said in Zanzibar yesterday that the EU has approved about Euro 31bn for the project, adding that an agreement for the project would be signed before next month. Said Jumbe. Six construction companies and nine consulting firms mainly from abroad have tendered their bids for the project.Zanzibar Harbour covers about 240 metres length and 27 metres width. ZPC is currently constructing a multi-purpose building at the main gate to cater as a storage facility and inspections to maintain security. Jumbe also said that some of the navigational marks such as light house, leading marks, and buoy were either in bad condition or not working at all, adding that ZPC was in the process to ensure their repair to meet the international standards.

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