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Pulmonologist and Sleep Specialist - Summit Medical Center

Sleep Specialist - TriStar Skyline Madison Campus

Director - Skyline



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Summit Medical Center - Daytime Sleepiness May Indicate More Serious Health Condition

Sleep deprivation negatively affects our physical, psychological and social well being,” said Murray Arons, M.D., pulmonologist and sleep specialist at Summit Medical Center.
“Of course, you shouldn't assume you have a sleep disorder just because you sleep fewer than eight hours or wake up frequently during the night,” Arons said. “Some people need only five or six hours of sleep to feel rested and able to function normally. It’s also normal to gently wake from sleep every 90 minutes or so without really remembering it the next day.” The good news is that people who do constantly wrestle with getting a good night’s sleep can get relief. “Thanks to the advent of sleep centers in many hospitals, diagnosing and treating sleep disorders has become much easier," Arons said. At a sleep center, the patient provides lifestyle and medical history information before undergoing a physical examination. Depending on the nature of the problem, the doctor may recommend additional testing – the most common of which is the polysomnogram, a painless, comprehensive, all-night testing procedure that monitors and records brain and muscle activity, eye movements, breathing patterns, heart beat and oxygen level. “Once a diagnosis is made, patients are often surprised at how quickly they begin seeing relief,” Arons said. “Treatment can be as simple as making a lifestyle change, such as giving up coffee, forgoing an evening nightcap or developing a bedtime routine. Sometimes adopting relaxation techniques can help, too.” Arons says other treatment options may include prescription sleep medications or antidepressants.

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Listen to TriStar Skyline's Dr.Murray Arons, pulmonologist and sleep specialist, discuss sleep deprivation and memory loss on News Channel 5.
New Study Finds Link Between Sleep Deprivation, Memory Loss

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Sleep Fair

Murray Arons, MD, who is board-certified in sleep medicine, pulmonology and critical care, is the Medical Director.

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