Muhammad Attawia

last updated 4/2/2017

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Director - Islamic Society of Boston

Vice President - Muslim American Society


Board Member - Islamic Relief

Original Trustee - ISB Trust

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The Case Against the Islamic Society of Boston | Peace and Tolerance

Muhammad Attawia, ISB Trustee
Muhammad Attawia is another original trustee of the ISB Trust. For a long time, among all the ISB trustees, he was relatively unknown. In 2007, however, the terror financing trial of the Holy Land Foundation produced a vast cache of Muslim Brotherhood documents detailing the Islamist movement's strategies, activities and membership in America. In particular, Government exhibit 003-0034 revealed a 1991 Muslim Brotherhood leadership telephone directory, in which Muhammad Attawia is named as the regional leader of the Muslim Brotherhood's New England branch. Attawia was also once the vice-president of the Muslim American Society, which federal prosecutors have labelled the "overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America." In 2002, the ISB established a formal relationship with the Boston branch of the Muslim American Society, which was put in charge of the ISB's Roxbury mosque. Attawia is currently a member of the board of Islamic Relief USA, the American branch of a British-based Muslim Brotherhood charity, Islamic Relief Worldwide. From 2008-2010, in fact, Attawia was also listed in British records as a director of Islamic Relief Worldwide. ISB trustees Muhammad Attawia, Jamal Badawi and Hossam Al Jabri were all implicated in documents uncovered during the Holy Land Foundation trial.

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The Islamic Society of Boston has suddenly removed another one of its original Trustees, Mohammed Attawia of Canton, Massachusetts, from the ISB Trust, doing so by a vote of Attawia's 4 fellow Trustees filed in the Registry of Deeds.Attawia was on the original Declaration of Trust filed by the ISB back in 1993, serving as Trustee ever since, and up until his removal was one of the legal owners of the various properties in Cambridge and Boston owned by the ISB.Attawia's removal means that all of the ISB's 4 remaining Trustees, who control both the ISB and all of its properties, are residents of the Middle East, living in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Qatar.While serving as ISB Trustee, Attawia has also served as Director of Islamic Relief USA, an organization of which he is now Chairman.Islamic Relief USA is the American office of Islamic Relief Worldwide, an organization which has been accused by the governments of Russia and Israel of supporting terrorism.While Attawia was Director of Islamic Relief USA it contributed several thousand dollars to the Holy Land Foundation, an organization which has also been designated by the U.S. Treasury Department as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, and which was indicted in 2004 for providing material support for Hamas.It is perhaps not surprising that while Attawia served as both ISB Trustee and Director of Islamic Relief USA, the latter organization funneled large sums of money to the Muslim American Society.This is because while ISB Trustee and Director of Islamic Relief USA, Attawia was also himself Director of the Muslim American Society, serving in that capacity between 1998 and 2004.

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Fax - BRA memo from Ali-Salaam to then-ISB director Dr. Muhammed Attawia dated October 21, 1998.Ali-Salaam drafted a letter from the ISB to the BRA for trustee Attawia to sign."In order to avoid any potential for a conflict of interest," Ali-Salaam asked the bank to rewrite the letter to Attawia.E-mailed memo from ISB trustee Osama Kandil to Muhammed Attawia, ISB director, cc'ed to Ali-Salaam, dated April 26, 1999.Draft confidential memo from Ali-Salaam to ISB trustees Walid Fitaihi, Osama Kandil and Mohammed Attawia, dated September 22, 1999.A draft memo from Ali-Salaam to ISB trustees Osama Kandil, Walid Fitaihi and Muhammad Attawia, no date.

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