Mordechai Shapiro

Mordechai Shapiro

Music Teacher at Hebrew Academy of Nassau County

240 HEMPSTEAD AVE, West Hempstead, New York, United States
HQ Phone:
(516) 565-5640

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Volunteers and families impacted by Hurricane Harvey flooded a makeshift dance floor at Houston's Robert M. Beren Academy, where Mordechai Shapiro gave a pulsating musical performance on Thursday evening, Sept. 7, to help re-energize relief efforts.
Mordechai Shapiro involved Houstonians in his performance during a Harvey-relief concert at Beren Academy. "We're dancing as hard as we've worked - and we've been working really hard," said one of the volunteers, who only gave his first name, Yaakov, as he and others swelled across the dance floor to Shapiro's music. The Nachum Segal Network brought Shapiro from New York for the singer's debut Houston performance. Speaking to the JHV before taking the stage, Shapiro said he was amazing by the outpouring of support in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. "In New York, we can only watch the news and follow social media to see what's going on here, but there's no way to feel the pain of what our fellow Jews in Houston are going through without being here to see it for yourself," Shapiro said. "Now that I'm here, the pain is obvious - I'm seeing kids the same age as mine who come from regular, successful families, but right now have nowhere else to go to dinner," he told the JHV as volunteers served another 1,000 donated kosher meals from Beren that day. "Even those who weren't directly impacted by Harvey are obviously here to support those who were," Shapiro said. Shapiro told the JHV that he is a music teacher at the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, which began its new fall semester earlier this week. "Today was our second day of school," the singer said. "I told them I have to take off today and they sent me with blessings. "As a teacher, I want my students to know - to see - that this is what we do for each other as a Jewish community," he said. Volunteers enjoyed double-decker dancing during a Harvey-relief concert by Mordechai Shapiro at Beren Academy.

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This story about Rabbi Mordechai Shapiro of Neshkiz and Ana Bekhoach comes from Magid Yitzhak Buxbaum.

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