Mitch Erickson

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Business and Lands Manager - NovaGold Resources Inc.

Vice President of Operation - Alaska Native Corporation

National Bank of Alaska

Sedcore Exploration




Founder - SpectrumGold Inc.

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NovaGold Resources Inc. - Related Articles - NovaGold Resources Special Report - Sat Jul 1, 2006

Mitch Erickson, B.Sc., Business and Lands Manager, brings to NovaGold Resources over 15 years of management and banking experience in Alaska.Prior to joining NovaGold, he worked eleven years for National Bank of Alaska as a branch manager and two years as Vice President of Operation for an Alaska Native Corporation.Prior to joining National Bank of Alaska, he was with Sedcore Exploration, a contract drilling company located in Fairbanks, Alaska.He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Alaska Gold Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of NovaGold.

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NovaGold Resources Inc,. - Related Articles - Tue Jun 21, 2005

NovaGold moving ahead with Ambler prospect dormant since the 1980s; initial results one of top undeveloped VMS deposits in the world It's still a few years off, but if NovaGold Resources Inc. turns the Ambler prospect into an operating mine, it could open up a mineral belt with a total of $12 billion in reserves --- at 1982 prices.The British Columbia deposit, wholly owned by NovaGold [NG] already shows more in situ metal values than Ivanhoe's [HUGO] famous Mongolian project and what it lacks in grade is made up for in infrastructure.NovaGold announced March 26 an agreement with Kennecott Exploration and Kennecott Arctic to acquire a 51 percent interest in the Ambler gold, silver, copper and b ... (2 KB) Fri Mar 26, 2004The Northern Miner - NovaGold expands Alaskan portfolioNovaGold Resources (NG-T) has agreed to spend at least US$5 million exploring Rio Tinto's (RTP-N) Ambler volcanogenic massive sulphide property in northwestern Alaska over the next five years.The work will go toward NovaGold earning a 51% stake in the property.NovaGold is also responsible for negotiating deals with local landowners to ensure access for mine development during that time.Thereafter, the agreement calls for NovaGold to bring its total investment at Ambler up to US$20 mil ... (2 KB) NovaGold Resources Inc. (NRI -- TSX - Cdn$4.44) -- 50.2 Million Shares Outstanding On Wednesday, NovaGold reported that it had completed a private placement into SpectrumGold Inc. at a price of Cdn$0.75 per share, for gross proceeds of Cdn$2,625,000, bringing NovaGold's interest in SpectrumGold to 67.34% on an issued and outstanding basis.NovaGold now holds 11,784,425 shares in total.Now NovaGold is marketing a growth profile where Donlin Creek is one asset among many.SpectrumGold Inc., a subsidiary formed by NovaGold and other investors, purchased 100 percent of the Galore Creek project in B.C. about 65 miles east of Wrangell, in southeast Alaska.Early this year, NovaGold accelerated its evaluation of the project after Placer Dome (PDG-T) assumed operatorship of the company's 70%-owned Donlin Creek project, in the same state.Norwest, an independent engineering services company, performed the economic assessment, which indicated Rock Creek is capable of producing 100,000 oz. gold per year at the daily rate of 5, ... (2 KB) Sat Aug 16, 2003Jay Taylor's Gold & Technology Stocks - NovaGold UpdateNOVAGOLD RESOURCES (TORONTO-NRI-US$3.51) Some folks have suggested that NovaGold should have been sold following the run-up last year.The feasibility drilling program is the next step in the process for the gold exploration property that NovaGold has put on a fast track to development.NovaGold has a resource base of over 20 million ounces of gold in four Alaskan deposits. (3 KB) Although a slip of a thing by comparison with Donlin Creek, Rock Creek is capable of shifting NovaGold from an explorer into a producer in a much shorter time than the Donlin joint venture.NovaGold optioned the project from Placer Dome a year-and-a-half ago, and earned a 70% interest by spending $10 million.The work by NovaGold expanded on what was already a massive deposit, and increased the overall average grade.Very s ... (7 KB) Sat Feb 15, 2003Jay Taylor's Gold & Technology Stocks - NovaGold UpdateNOVAGOLD (TORONTO-NRI /OTC BB - NGVLF - US$3.10) - The big news is in!Placer Dome has in fact decided to increase its interest in the Donlin Creek project to 70%.That means that this mega gold deposit now advances from an exploration project to a development project.The project could potentially produce over 1 million ounces of gold per year.NovaGold will become a part of the Donlin Joint Venture which is on track to complete a new resource estimate and pre-feasibility study this year. ... (5 KB) NEW YORK -- With the gold price holding strongly above $350 per ounce, it was little more than a formality that Placer Dome [PDG] would opt to earn back its majority share in Alaska's Donlin Creek project that Novagold [NRI] has been developing so astutely.Novagold recently earned its 70% interest in the joint venture after an accelerated exploration programme that provided just enough potential to make it tantalising enough for any major grasping for new ounces.Mitch Erickson NovaGold / Alaska Gold P.O. Box 640 Nome, Alaska 99762 Dear Mitch, I would like to thank you, and Alaska Gold, for your contributions to our "Day of Gold Panning" at the Nome-Beltz jr. and Sr. H ... (5 KB) NovaGold is not that well known in London though it made a fleeting visit last year, but it is an interesting company.NovaGold earned its stake by spending US$10 million on the property over the past 15 months.Now that NovaGold has vested its interest, Placer Dome has 90 days in which to decide on its options, which are: 1) to remain at a 30% inter ... (6 KB) NovaGold Resources Corp.(NRI-TSX) The following account was written last August, in the course of a visit to NovaGold's massive Donlin Creek gold project in Alaska.Before it could be distributed, the NovaGold share price moved up sharply.Now that the price has settled back, NovaGold again looks very attractive. (NovaGold was last recommended here in July, when it traded at C$3.75.) Donlin Creek already ranks among the largest undeveloped gold deposits in the world, and is certain to grow ... (10 KB) Each full warrant allows the holder to purchase one common share of NovaGold within the next 18 months at an exercise price of $6.5 ... (4 KB) Wed Sep 18, 2002The Associated Press (Published: August 21, 2002) Fairbanks -- NovaGold, the company that hit it big when it identified 23 million ounces of gold in Southwest Alaska, is progressing quickly to develop the find.NovaGold Resources Corp. (NRI-T) Impressive drill results continue to add value to NovaGold's Donlin Creek gold project in Alaska.NovaGold can earn a 70% interest in the project by spending US$10 million over 10 years; however, it expects to fulfil that obligation by year-end.. I recommended NovaGold in late January at $2.88 a share, it has since climbed over 35% to $3.80 a share.However, I still think that the best days are ahead for this company.Below is fundamental and technical analysis of the company: NovaGold's major property is its Donlin Creek Gold Project.This Project ha ... (8 KB) Sun Mar 17, 2002Fairbanks News: Donlin Creek gold deposit looks richerNovaGold announced it may be able to produce 1 million ounces of gold a year at its Donlin Creek project in Southwest Alaska.GOLD: Latest study reveals richer rewards for Donlin Creek mine Fairbanks -- NovaGold could feasibly mine 18 million ounces of its 23 million-ounce gold deposit at Donlin Creek, according to an initial study.Preliminary economic studies show that NovaGold could feasibly mine 18 million ounces of its 23 million-ounce gold deposit at Donlin Creek.Since Novagold has been one of the more active and interesting of the small golds lately, I will share with you many of the factors I used in approaching the stock.I didn't discover either Donlin Creek or NovaGold.I've never been to Donlin though ... (20 KB) 2000 was a dismal one for Toronto listed NovaGold [NRI, NVGLF], but 2001 was every geologist's dream."NovaGold (NRI.TO) has been recognized as the top performing Toronto listed stock in terms of share price appreciation for the year to date."NovaGold increased in market cap value in 2001 by 16.8 times ($0.13 - $2.19 as of Friday, 1-4-02).A $60,000 US dollar investment in January 2001 would have seen a rise to OVER $1,000,000 dollars by the end of the year.Has NovaGold stumbled onto a Carlin Trend at Donlin Creek, in Alaska?It sure looks like it.The results of the recently completed drilling program on NovaGold's Donlin Creek gold project have surpassed expectations, setting the stage for an increase in both the size and the grade of the deposit.The company acquired this 13 million ounce gold deposit from Placer Dome earlier this year.NovaGold's management believed that they could define a higher grade zone within the overall deposit that would be economic to mine at the current gold price.NovaGold's acquisition of the project was ... (6 KB) NovaGold took over the Donlin Creek project last year from Placer Dome, a major mining com ... (4 KB) Fri Nov 16, 2001The Northern Miner - NovaGold Expands Acma TargetVancouver -- Recent drill results suggest that NovaGold Resources (NRI-T) is succeeding in defining a small but high-grade deposit within the larger resource at its Donlin Creek deposit in Alaska.Situated 480 km west of Anchorage in the state's southwestern region, Donlin Creek hosts a measured and indicated resource of 70.1 million tonnes grading 3.06 grams gold per tonne, based on a cutoff grade of 1.5 grams.Within this, NovaGold intends to outline 25 million tonnes grad

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