Misha Wilkinson

Misha Wilkinson

Owner and Director at Misha's Vineyard Wines Limited

50 Bethpage Road, Hicksville, New York, United States

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Consultant - South East Asia Marketing  - New Zealand Trade and Enterprise


Olly Masters  - 


Founder  - Misha’s Vineyard

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Some of the stories that will be told about Misha's Vineyard include the Chinese gold miners who worked on the land back in the 1860s and the continuing influence of Chinese good luck on the vineyard and the theatrical connections of owner Misha Wilkinson which have strongly influenced the naming of the wines and how they've been launched internationally.
Misha Wilkinson - Director/Owner Tel: +64 210 2200812 / +64 3 4454456 Email to misha@mishasvineyard.com Misha Wilkinson - Director/Owner Tel: +64 210 2200812 Email to misha@mishasvineyard.com

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Misha Wilkinson, marketing director for Misha's Vineyard, said of her New Zealand venture: "Being so far south at 45 degrees latitude, the most southerly wine-growing region in the world, the climate in central Otago is unique in relation to its broad temperature range and average rainfall, which is less than 400 millimeters annually."
For Wilkinson, it was the other way around.

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To celebrate Misha's Vineyards 10th vintage milestone, Andy and Misha Wilkinson, estate owners, and winemaker Olly Masters, one of NZ's most acclaimed winemakers and judges, will delve into
Misha Wilkinson - Director/Owner Tel: +64 210 2200812 / +64 3 445 4456 Email misha@mishasvineyard.com

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