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Conventional Housing Specialist  - Rockingham Housing Authority

Housing Specialist  - RHA

Public Housing Specialist  - RHA

Suspended Rockingham Housing Authority Housing Specialist  - 

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RHA Conventional Housing Specialist Mildred McSween was arrested Monday and charged with four felonies pertaining to falsified information on a housing application by an employee of the RHA.
McSween was arrested and released on $5,000 bond. Her initial court date is set for August 13 at 9:30 a.m. in Richmond County District Court. McSween could not be reached for comment. McSween was apparently responsible for the certification and re-certification processes of potential and existing tenants in the RHA’s 225 units for rent, from conversations with McCaskill and Voorhees.

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An attorney for former RHA Public Housing Specialist Mildred McSween said Thursday McSween has been "effectively out-of-work, without a job and with no pay since about June of 2009," when she was charged with criminal offenses and suspended without pay from her position.
"We are seeking to recover the substantial damages to McSween personally and professionally - the devastation to her personal reputation, her loss of income and inability to find employment due to this persecution," Attorney Richard Manger said in a phone interview Thursday morning. McSween was arrested in June of 2009 and charged with four felonies related to misrepresenting information on applications for public housing, but those charges were later dropped, as then District Attorney Michael Parker explained, to prevent prejudicing the investigation against other officials. In addition to Ingram and McSween, former RHA Board of Commissioners Chairman Bruce Stanback has also been implicated in the joint-local and federal investigation. Manger said the lawsuit was delayed in being filed as McSween sought to address her grievances using the administrative procedures of the housing authority.

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As of now, the investigation has netted one arrest on four felony charges against former-Ingram associate Mildred McSween.
She served as housing specialist at the RHA. Her indictments were state charges of fraudulent misrepresentation, obtaining property by false pretense and two counts of felony conspiracy. On McSween’s arrest warrants, Ingram was named as a co-conspirator when McSween allegedly falsified the income of an RHA employee on a public housing application. McSween has been suspended without pay from her duties by the RHA board pending the outcome of criminal prosecution.

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