Mike Willingham

Mike Willingham

Firefighter and Paramedic at Carroll County Fire Rescue

Carroll County Fire Rescue

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Firefighter and Paramedic  - Haralson County Fire Department

Coordinator  - Region 1 Northwest Georgia Regional Trauma Advisory Council


Firefighter and Paramedic At Carroll County Fire Rescue  - Multiple Companies

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After determining the police departments need, Nikie turned to Mike Willingham, Senior Director of the American Heart Association for assistance.

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Without them, we couldn't have accomplished what we have this past year," said Michael Willingham, American Heart Association's Senior Director of EMS and Senior Director of the Mission: Lifeline.
"We've truly seen a change in the lives of the citizens of metro-Atlanta through efforts which are being performed in the city of Milton," said Willingham. Following Atlanta's lead, earlier this year Milton City Council saw an opportunity to improve survival rates among Cardiac Arrest victims in the community and has since, through the support of the Fire Chief, Medical Director, Mayor, City Manager, AHA and the City Council, qualified as a Heart Ready City to save lives in the community. "This [Heart Ready] designation is due to the hard work and dedication of the city's leaders in training governmental employees in CPR, hosting community CPR events, the proliferation of automotive external defibrillators for public access in the community and providing lifesaving public services in the highest level," said Willingham.

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"We want to offer our congratulations to Chief McElfish," said Michael J. Willingham, senior director, Mission: Lifeline for the American Heart Association, adding, "The Heart Association will always be grateful for your contribution to building healthier lives, free from cardiovascular disease and stroke."

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