Mike Patel

last updated 1/19/2018

Mike Patel

President at Diplomat Companies

4535 Oakwood Road, Oakwood, Georgia, United States

General Information


Project Manager - United Contractor Services LLC


Board Member - Owners 8 Association

Recent News  

Belmonte Named To AAHOA Industry Relations Committee | Hospitality Solutions, LLC

"I commended AAHOA back in 1999 for its focus on franchising under the leadership of Mike Patel of Diplomat Hotels, and I'm thrilled to be able to play a role in revising those points to reflect the needs of franchisees today.
s"The franchisor/franchisee relationship is truly the ultimate in power sharing," he said. Members of the 2004/2005 AAHOA Industry Relations Committee include: Nash Patel, Lodging Hospitality Companies; Mike Patel, Diplomat Hotels; Jay Patel, Lodging Hospitality Companies; M.P. Rama, JHM Hotels; Mukesh Mowji, Logic Vision; Anil Patel, Northstar Hotels; Ravi Patel, Shree Hospitality; Fred Schwartz, AAHOA; Stanley Turkel, hotel consultant; and Steven Belmonte, Hospitality Solutions LLC.

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Spring to Innovation

Mike Patel , Founder & President, Diplomat Hotels

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