Mike Kobluk

Mike D. Kobluk

Director of Performing and Visual Arts at Spokane's World's Fair, Expo 74

Spokane's World's Fair, Expo 74

General Information



Director of Spokane Opera House - Folk Era Records

Supervisor of the Entertainment - Expo

Entertainment Manager - Brand X Internet LLC

President - IAAM

Director of Entertainment Facilities - The City of Spokane incorporated

President - International Association of Assembly Managers , Inc.


Original Member - Chad Mitchell Trio

Trustee - Fox Theater

Founding Member of the Chad Mitchell Trio As Well As Manager - Spokane Opera House & Convention Center

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Marc Black | Pete Seeger and the Power of Forgiveness

As told by Michael Kobluk of the Chad Mitchell Trio:

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Marina City Online - History - Famous Marina City residents

In June 1967, they took over the lease of Mike Kobluk (see below), an original member of Chad Mitchell Trio.
Photo by Mike Kobluk (Above) This photograph by Mike Kobluk shows John Denver playing a guitar inside a Marina City apartment in June 1967. Mike Kobluk Mike Kobluk Kobluk (left in photo) was an original member of Chad Mitchell Trio, a popular folk music group in the 1960s known for social commentary. Born in 1937 in British Columbia, Mike moved to Chicago in 1963. He and his wife, Clare (right in photo), lived in unit 4707 in the west tower at Marina City from 1963 to 1967. Kobluk says when they moved in, theirs was the only completed unit on the floor. Kobluk continued to perform with the trio until 1968. He currently lives in Spokane.

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Marc Black | Whassup

As told by Michael Kobluk of the Chad Mitchell Trio: In the 1950's, folksinger, Burl Ives 'turned' on Pete in response to questions from the House Committee on Unamerican Activities regarding Pete's inferred Communist leanings.

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