Michael Wu

Michael Wu

Senior Equity Analyst at Morningstar Asia Ltd

Hong Kong, Central and Western, China

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S-REITs Offer Stock Investment Haven Post-Brexit | Line Zero

Michael Wu, a Morningstar Inc. analyst in Hong Kong, suggested that Singaporean REITs may be a viable alternative for investors seeking safe yields amid the turmoil elicited by the Brexit vote, Bloomberg News reported.
Since the UK's vote to be excluded from the EU, analysts have pegged Asia as a 'safe haven' for good investment returns, partly due to the region appearing to be somewhat unscathed from the crisis. According to Bloomberg figures, S-REITs are estimated to provide a 7.3% yield for the next 12 months, the largest among developed markets worldwide. However, that is not to say the sector remains impervious to market shocks and other factors. S-REITs may have the biggest estimated figure for investment returns, but that would be more difficult to maintain due to potentially pressured rents in the city-state amid its slowing growth, according to Wu.

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Hong Kong Exchange Goes Chasing Unicorns - Caixin Global

But Michael Wu, an analyst at Morningstar Investment Management Asia Ltd., said this was nothing to worry about.
As a part of China, Hong Kong has long been economically reliant on the mainland, Wu said, and local businesses listing on a local exchange is a natural phenomenon.

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Media Centre - Morningstar.com.au

Here to give us a few ideas, I am joined by Morningstar's Michael Wu.
Michael, thanks very much for joining us. Michael Wu: It's nice to be here.

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