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Urban Peregrines of Western Washington: 2008 Banding season started

This year's team consisted of Eric Engi, bridge technician; Broch Bender, from WSDOT Communications; Michael MacDonald, WSDOT Wildlife Biologist.
The photo at left shows Mike MacDonald, WSDOT Wildlife Biologist, holding one of the chicks after banding. In years past the female has been extremely agressive towards the intruders who came to band her young. She usually would hit the first person down the ladder, and others too as they approached the nest. This year, much to Eric's surprise, she yelled at him, but didn't hit. As the team members gathered at the base of the ladder, she stood in the nest box, next to her young. Only as Mike and I approached to gather the young did she fly off.

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Urban Peregrines of Western Washington: Banding at Seattle Peregrine Eyries

For the fifth year in a row, Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Widlife Biologist Michael MacDonald arranged for permission and

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Michael MacDonald
NOAA 206-440-4909

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