Michael Lockamy

Michael S. Lockamy

Reentry Coordinator at Correction Enterprises

2020 Yonkers Road 4240 MSC, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
HQ Phone:
(919) 716-3600

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Reentry Coordinator  - North Carolina Department of Public Safety

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But Michael Lockamy, Corrections Enterprises' job-placement coordinator, said that though inmates learn job-training skills, there are a number of post-incarceration obstacles.
"Everybody thinks it's a risk to hire someone with a felony," Lockamy said. "But the greatest risk is when we don't help them, because that's when they do desperate things." Lockamy said the taxpayer burden of incarcerating people is too great to not reduce the recidivism rate and give folks a path to re-entering society. Lockamy said he recruits companies to hire people with a criminal background by focusing on the "three-non" categories: non-serious, non-sexual and nonviolent. "Employment, shelter and transportation are all issues," Lockamy said.

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