Michael Latting

Michael Latting

President at Latting Rodeo Productions Inc

10498 E. 4000 S. Rd, Saint Anne, Illinois, United States
HQ Phone:
(815) 342-3777

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University of Southern Colorado


BOARD OF GOVERNORS Member  - Central States Rodeo Association

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Michael Latting, Latting Rodeo Company (IPRA, NHSRA)
It's bad enough that Latting Rodeo Productions owner Michael Latting is shocking rodeo animals at this rodeo in Morris, Illinois to make them perform. That's a violation of state law. Even more outrageous were his comments to the Joliet Herald News newspaper when SHARK made public accusations of animal abuse. Here are some excerpts: Mike Latting, owner of Latting Rodeo Productions, brought five bulls to the Morris event and says he himself didn't use electric prod on his animals in the chutes. "I don't believe in it," he said. "I can only tell you about mine, though. While I'm there, everybody knows not to mess with my bulls. I take care of my animals." Well, the video clip certainly shows how Mr. Latting takes care of his animals. You can judge Mr. Latting's truthfulness for yourself. The courts did and Michael Latting was fined for shocking animals, under animal cruelty laws in Illinois, in 2004. Read about this HERE.

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Michael Latting
Michael Latting. Note the prod in his right hand Mike Latting, president of Latting Rodeo Productions and principal of Donovan High School in Donovan, pleaded guilty to charges of animal cruelty on June 15 after a videotape from an animal rights group was sent to Grundy County State's Attorney Sheldon Sobol. Latting said he only pleaded guilty to the charges to save time and money. "That was a lot easier than going to court and fighting it, which I would have won," Latting said. Latting was hired to provide animals for a rodeo Friday at the Henry County Fairgrounds. Ashlee Boers, Henry County Fair Association secretary, said the fair board was unaware of the charges before booking Latting. Boers said the board still would have contracted Latting if members had known of the charges beforehand. Latting said the straps, which wrap around the torso of a bull, do not hurt the animals and only cause them to buck because they try to kick them off. Latting said his company has been producing rodeos around the Midwest for 40 years and has a good reputation.

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Mike Latting -- President, Latting Rodeo Productions, Inc.
As his father, Thyrl, led by example, Mike developed a love of bucking horses, bulls and rodeos as a very young child. Mike developed a passion for riding bucking horses and bucking bulls as a teenager. This passion led him to a level of skill that allowed him to attend college on a rodeo scholarship. He graduated from the University of Southern Colorado after making a name for himself in the collegiate rodeo ranks. Upon graduating from college, he was invited to partner with his father in Latting Rodeo Productions, Inc. He accepted the invitation, and under the leadership of both Thyrl and Mike, Latting Rodeo Productions, Inc. flourished. Together they developed a horse-breeding program, which has produced some of the most prolific bucking horses on the rodeo circuit today. Mike is currently on the Board of Governors of the prestigious International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA), which is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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