Michael Frausto

last updated 11/15/2017

Michael Frausto

Graduation Coach and Substitute Teacher at Greenfield Central High School

810 N Broadway Street, Greenfield, Indiana, United States
HQ Phone:
(317) 462-9211

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Dean of Students - Union Bible College

Pastor - God Holiness Church

Substitute Teacher - Carmel High School


Union Bible College

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Pastor: Michael Frausto
Phone: 317-525-2220 Email Address: mafrausto@gmail.com

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PastorsPage - God's Holiness Church of Carmel, Indiana

Pastor Michael A. Frausto
Pastor Michael A. Frausto is an ordained Elder with the (I.C.H.A.) International Conservative Holiness Association which is headquartered in Greenfield, IN. Pastor Frausto's current assignment is two-fold. He serves as the Dean of Students at Union Bible College in Westfield, IN and he is planting God's Holiness Church in Carmel, IN. Michael is one of the contributing column writers for The Current in Carmel newspaper. His articles are published in the "In Spirit" section of the paper. For the love of the Ministry, many ministers have to be bi-vocational; that is they serve in some capacity of the ministry and work another job to support their family. Currently Mr. Frausto works as a substitute teacher at Carmel High School in Carmel, IN. Mr. Frausto worked for four years as a sub in Topeka, KS and is serving his fourth year at Carmel High School, Carmel, IN. .Work Experience:Union Bible College is the fifth college at which Mr. Frausto has served. He has been an Admissions Officer, Student Financial Aid Officer and Dean of Students. He has also worked for U.S.BANK, started and operated two businesses and served as the Assistant Manager for Field Operations in Portland, OR during CENSUS 2000. Pastor Frausto has also served as a Youth Pastor, Music Minister, worked in an A.C.E. Christian School, provided pulpit supply, preached at youth gatherings, camps and retreats and served as an Evangelist for revival meetings. A Special Note to Businessmen and Businesswomen Small business owners, entrepreneurs , managers, supervisors and support staff of any business have a special place in Pastor Michael Frausto's heart. In by-gone days it was the hard-working poor and lower middle class that carried the load in our society, but times are different. Now, the aforementioned movers and shakers labor under an unimaginable stress load that is taken for granted, but you have a friend in Michael Frausto. Pastor Michael Frausto and God's Holiness Church of Carmel, IN: Member of the Carmel Chamber of Commerce since 2008 Michael says, " I want you movers and shakers to know that I am here for you. Pastor Frausto preaches the practical truths that will help you,your family and business.

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Pastor Michael A. Frausto welcomes you to worship at God's Holiness Church in Carmel, Indiana

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