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Praise God for the vision that Architect Grisha Tchilinguirov and OMS Engineer Melvin Kelly have to construct a good building for the seminary ministry.On November 18th 2004, seminary student, Dinis Ramos Macuaia, accompanied by ECC (Every Community for Christ) Director, Nathan Glancy, and ECC coordinators, Raul Manhica and Juka Fernando, and OMS construction engineer, Melvin Kelly, traveled to his home village near Gurue, Zambezia.

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Praise the Lord for all the work Melvin Kelly, OMS missionary/engineer, has done to further the construction on the seminary project that is about 95% finished.March 1, Melvin Kelly will leave Mozambique to return to Ireland.Pray as he settles back home, as well as makes wedding arrangements for his and Sharon's wedding August 11.Also, he will be taking a work/ministry team to Mexico at the end of March.The seminary construction has gone very well the past several months.The building is over 90% finished.It is critical the final 10% be completed well.Pray for someone to come and finish the project now that Melvin Kelly has completed three years in Mozambique and must leave.Melvin Kelly, OMS missionary engineer, is leaving the field on March 1.We need someone to come short-term to finish the project, hopefully before the end of February so Melvin can instruct him in the final phases of work.Knowing there are just two weeks before Melvin Kelly, OMS missionary engineer leaves, he is working extra hard to get as much finished as possible.Melvin Kelly, OMS missionary engineer, leaves the field on March 1.He hopes to get much accomplished on the seminary before he leaves, but there will still be a sizeable amount of finishing work to do.Melvin Kelly is diligently working thru construction obstacles at the seminary construction location.Praise the Lord that some progress was made in December, but much more is needed and Melvin's remaining weeks in Mozambique are quickly coming to an end.Praise the Lord for the safe return of Nathan Glancy, Melvin Kelly and ECC trainers who were in Northern Mozambique the past few weeks.Melvin Kelly needs your prayers as he sorts out difficulties and missing elements in designs that were not complete or not given to OMS by the architect.Uphold Melvin Kelly who flew up to meet Nathan to survey the new property to build a training center.Pray for Melvin Kelly and the team seeking the best ways to finish soon and raising the much-needed funds to complete it.Pray for the development of the Christian Micro Economic Development program.Pray for the OMS leadership team working with the architect to keep the project moving while OMS missionary Melvin Kelly is in the UK for two weeks.Remember Melvin Kelly, our OMS missionary engineer, who is feeling a great and heavy burden in finishing this project before he leaves in February.Two critical areas to pray for the seminary are the needed funds to complete this project by February 2007 to start classes in it and a replacement for OMS missionary engineer, Melvin Kelly, when he leaves.Pray for the safety of the workers and for Melvin Kelly as he directs the construction.Thank God that the workers from the Khongolote church have been able to use the skills taught to them by Melvin Kelly.Praise the Lord for Melvin Kelly's several visits with the owner of the company, Joao Ruas, which have revealed that the company is experiencing a cash flow problem.Also, Mr. Ruas shared with Melvin that his mother, Gracinda Silva, has been diagnosed with very late stage cancer of the pancreas.Melvin Kelly returns to Mozambique March 2.Pray that he will quickly settle and get into his work, especially the seminary construction and the T3 Church.

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A Living Link to the Seminary - Melvin KellyMelvin Kelly is from Northern Ireland.He organized the Belfast Marathon fund-raiser for the Seminary Construction Project in May 2003.Melvin is now a missionary in Mozambique with OMS International, and is Project Engineer for the mission.His background of engineering will help assure that good, safe construction principles will be in operation when the Seminary building is built.He will work closely with Architect, Grisha and the planning engineer, Luis Wong, in the week to week official construction inspections.Architect Grisha is from Bulgaria and moved here with his wife in 1987.Since then, he has designed and brought to completion over 25 construction projects in Maputo.So, Melvin finds himself in cross-cultural situations wherever he goes in Mozambique.He is studying the Portuguese language and is building relationships among Mozambicans as he works in several mission construction projects.Melvin was recently named to the Seminary Advisory Committee which is responsible for the future development of the Seminary. View Our Students

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