Melodie Mcdanal

last updated 1/14/2018

Melodie Mcdanal

Social Media Coordinator at Pike Nurseries Inc

3555 Koger Boulevard, Duluth, Georgia, United States
HQ Phone:
(770) 921-1022

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Social Media Coordinator - Armstrong Garden Centers Inc

Partner, Designer, Manager - GardenHood


degree - horticulture , 

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DOGSCAPE YOUR YARD | Simply Buckhead

Melodie McDanal, a horticulturist at Pike Nurseries, which has a Buckhead location, says that the first thing to do when designing a backyard for your pet is identify the things your dog likes.
"Some toxic plants include foxglove, yews, oleander, lantana and azalea," McDanal says. She adds that, just like people, blooming plants can trigger seasonal allergies in animals. For grass, McDanal suggests using Bermuda or zoysia that will survive better than fescue. TIP 4: ADD FUN FOR FIDO So many options can add fun and give your dogs their own domain. McDanal suggests adding a dog run along a narrow area of the backyard by creating a border with shrubs or fencing. Fountains are a great source of fresh drinking water for dogs. If you have a pet who loves to dig, add a digging pit that's hidden behind shrubs or a fence. Have big ideas but not sure what the process is? A professionally designed dogscape can take six months for the design process. If you want to tackle it yourself, don't get overwhelmed. McDanal suggests starting with one project at a time, such as a dog run or a section of the yard, and upon completion, moving on to the next.

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Home Trends

This Around Atlanta edition, Melodie McDanal, horticulturist with Pike Nurseries, joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to discuss an upcoming free class and tips on helping your lawn to survive...

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Melodie McDanal is a Certified Plant Professional and an associate at Pike Nurseries.
She says people often have problems keeping their houseplants alive because they "over-care" for the plant.

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