Melissa Norman

Melissa Norman

Managing Director at Kelly Services Inc

999 West Big Beaver Road, Troy, Michigan, United States
HQ Phone:
(248) 362-4444

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Country General Manager  - Kelly Services India


Masters  - Business Administration , 

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The event featured five hand-selected panelists, including: Sugunah Verumandy, HR Director of General Electric, Malaysia; Fui Kiun Soong, CEO of Centre for Strategic Engagement; Melissa Norman, Managing Director of Kelly Services; Mei Lee, Freelance Graphic Designer at DTBA and lastly Limkokwing's homegrown trailblazer, Dato' Tiffanee Marie Lim, Associate Vice President, Talent and Brand Development.
A comedic yet informative talk came from Melissa Norman, relating her experiences dating back to her battles with her family's desired career path and her own. Her inspiring story reminds us all that success can only come when the right person is in the right job. Despite following such an animated speaker, Dato' Tiffanee Maire Lim humbly stormed the floor, making the valid point that success is indefinite and that we can never rest on our laurels with our satisfaction. She also highlighted how often we take our access and means to education for granted.

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Kelly Services Malaysia Managing Director Melissa Norman, said employers are often uncertain about the merit of investing in training and professional development.
Melissa said the findings show responsibility for managing skills development no longer rests solely with employers.

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Melissa Norman, Managing Director, Kelly Services Malaysiasaid the trend reflects widespread recognition that organizations and individuals perform best when their interests are aligned.
Ms. Norman said a renewed focus on ways of lifting productivity in enterprises has placed added emphasis on the role of remuneration in raising business performance. 'Performance-based incentive schemes can be a win-win situation. Employees can benefit from the opportunity to work smarter and raise their earnings capacity, while employers benefit from increased productivity and a more engaged workforce," Ms. Norman said.

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