Mehdi Adeli

last updated 1/2/2018

Mehdi Adeli

Assistant Professor Weill Cornell Medicine at Hamad Medical Corporation

147 West Beaver Creek Road, Unit #1, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

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Incorrect Medications Can Lead to Asthma Attacks in Children - Marhaba l Qatar's Premier Information Guide

Dr Mehdi Adeli
Dr Mehdi Adeli, Senior Consultant in Allergy and Immunology at HMC, said that asthma affects around 20% of school-aged children in Qatar. He said that while the condition cannot be cured, it can be controlled and ongoing medical care is an important part of the equation. According to Dr Adeli, the transition from winter to summer can be challenging for patients with asthma, both children and adults, because it is the time of year when some stop taking their medication. Dr Adeli said it's important for patients, and parents in the case of child patients, to ensure all medications are taken as prescribed, even if there are no symptoms. Many patients are lulled into a false sense of security if they go for a long period without an attack, but that stopping prescribed medications can result in compromised lung function. Developing an effective medication plan to control asthma can take time. Different medications work more or less effectively for different kinds of asthma, and some combinations work well for some patients but not for others. According to Dr Adeli, most children with asthma benefit from preventive treatment because it decreases inflammation in the airways. He said that for most patients a combination of medicine is prescribed covering both quick-relief medications (rescue) and long-term preventive medications (controller).

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