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Dental Concepts • About Us • Company News • Dr. Wagner, DDS • Contact UsMeet Eugene Wagner, DDSDeveloper of The Doctor's® NightGuardDr. Wagner is a respected member of the dental profession, who founded Dental Concepts in 1981 to address the need for affordable home oral care devices.Recognizing that few people can visit their dentists often enough to maintain the health of their teeth and gums, he decided to develop a line of products that would bring daily oral care into consumers' homes.He developed The Doctor's® NightGuard in 1996 to help his own wife, who suffered from bruxism."In my 27 years of dental practice, I have found nocturnal teeth grinding to be a problem for more and more patients.Until now, the only preventative was an expensive dentist-prescribed guard which could cost $350.00 or more.That's why I developed The Doctor's® NightGuard.Made from specially-formulated dental materials, it provides a comfortable custom fit that's not only easy to wear and care for, it's affordable too.And best of all, it eliminates the terrible problem of teeth grinding." Dental Concepts • About Us • Company News • Dr. Wagner, DDS • Contact Us

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