Maxime Seligman

last updated 3/27/2018

Maxime Seligman

Marketing Consultant at Leadlike

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Professor of Marketing - Vatel Campus

Chief Technology Officer and Founder - Browz'In

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Leadlike - WebStrategy for Success Stories : Vidéo Marketing, site Internet, réseaux sociaux, stratégie Internet

"We are running a digital marketing campaign to reach out to new immigrants from France who have relocated to Israel or who are planning to make Aliyah in the near future", explains Leadlike CEO Maxime Seligman.
I know Maxime Seligman for a couple of years now, and I consider him a super intelligent and inspiring young man. I like his entrepreneurial spirit and coolness. Maxime is an insightful marketing manager, with a true vision of the social network world, and the required stamina to guide the transformation needed to take an organization into the social enterprise era. Maxime is not only able to solve the existing challenges of being a player on the web, but also to anticipate future challenges. I very strongly recommend Maxime. MAXIME SELIGMAN WEB MARKETING EXPERT

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(Français) Connaissez-vous notre formation: Facebook page clinic ? - Leadlike

Pour aider les Olim francophones, Mati a fait confiance à Leadlike, agence de web strategy leader en Israël et en France, créée par Maxime Seligman, qui a assis son expertise dans la construction d'une stratégie marketing adaptée à chacun de ses clients sur tous les medias existants.
Leadlike prend à cœur de proposer des formations pratiques aux Olim francophones, chaque semaine. Ces formations se veulent très pratiques et sont toutes dispensées par des professionnels qui travaillent sur le terrain.

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Smartphone App for Shoppers Launches in Israel – Browz'In

"Our goal is to enable smaller retailers to advertise on the smartphones of consumers in their vicinity, in order to compete with the chain stores that are creating in their own branded apps to promote their stores", explains Browz'In inventor Maxime Seligman.
"Smartphones allow for digital marketing that is specific not only to your location but also to your individual profile", explains Seligman. Maxime on How to arrange a little shop to make more sales Maxime on Why using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks is a MUST for shop owners

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