Matt Fowler

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Drummer  - Three Minutes of Fame

Senator  - College of Engineering

Dean  - Libraries Don Dyal

Drummer  - 


Member  - Budget companies

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Matt Fowler, drummer for Three Minutes of Fame, took the lead in looking for a way to make a direct impact with residents on the Gulf.
He went as far as contacting a Louisiana senator to be paired with a truly deserving family.

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Matt Fowler, senator for the College of Engineering and member of the Budget and Finance committee, said a bill as well as three resolutions will be discussed at Thursday's meeting.'According to our records at this point in time, there are 27 appeals to the budget and finance bill,' he said. 'All those will be discussed at this meeting.'Student organizations often miss the deadline and forget to turn in packets on time, so they have to go through the appeals process to be considered for funding, Fowler said.'The organizations needing to go through appeals have contacted senators, and those senators will present and argue their appeals at the meeting tomorrow night,' he said. 'We will decide at that point if the organizations deserve funding, and if they do, we will add them to the bill.'Another issue on the agenda is the pay-to-print fee at the Texas Tech University Library.A student receives 50 free prints a semester; each additional print is 5 cents.'We have created a resolution to deal with the double printing fee in the library, and we will discuss it at the meeting,' Fowler said. 'We are proposing that students use their e-raider name and password to log on to print, and then have them verify their name and password again each time they print something.'By verifying the name and password each time a student wants to print something, the system is more secure and it is less likely someone could log on and abuse the account, Fowler said.'This system might be able to curb the problem of excess printing, but still give the students the freedom to print on campus,' he said.Library fees have been increasing throughout recent years, and the SGA has authored a bill to address the issue, Fowler said.'Unfortunately, the library fee is at the discretion of the administration,' he said. 'In 2001 the library fee was $60, in 2002 it was $75, and in 2003 it increased to the current cost of $225.'The proposed committee would consist of four administrators, including Dean of Libraries Don Dyal, four undergraduate students and one graduate student, Fowler said.'This committee would give students the opportunity to be involved and would make more accountability for the administration,' he said.The Tech Alumni Association spoke to the SGA last month about the class ring tradition, and the SGA has authored a resolution to support the program, Fowler said.'The legislation we are working on would help to relieve some of the financial burden for the student when buying a class ring,' he said. 'We don't want the price to prohibit participation for any student.'A good refund policy if a student transfers or leaves the university is the biggest problem with the current program, Fowler said.

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CRADLE TO GRAVE has also recently announced the return of ex-Karrion & Assault drummer Matt Fowler to their ranks.

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