Mary Husson

Mary Husson

Service Manager at Hyundai 112

2114 Route 112, Medford, New York, United States
Hyundai 112
HQ Phone:
(631) 758-2200

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Service Consultant - Mid-Island Hyundai

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Full credit for the fact that it is still running smoothly, which is more than I can say for myself most days, goes to Mary Husson, service manager at Hyundai 112 in Medford, N.Y.
"Oil is the lifeblood of the car," Mary said when I brought mine in for an oil change. "You mean extra virgin olive oil? I wondered. "That could be the lifeblood of you," said Mary, who has been my car's primary care physician since I bought it in 2004. "It's also important to rotate your tires," she added. "Don't I do that every time I drive? I asked. "Now I know why you don't work here," said Mary, who has three cars: a 2013 Hyundai Sonata, a 2011 Hyundai Elantra and, her pride and joy, a 1999 Ford Mustang convertible that has only 63,000 miles on it. "I keep the Mustang in the garage for six months," Mary said. "When the weather gets nice, I drive it with the top down." "Can't you get arrested for doing that? I inquired. "Yes," Mary replied. "But at least I don't waste gas by using the air-conditioning." Then Mary showed me cellphone photos of her adorable little granddaughter, Sophia, who's 1. Mary asked. Read Full Article "No," I said. "But sometimes it feels like my feet do." "Going over 200,000 miles is not really a big deal," said Mary. On the way out, I thanked Mary and said I'd see her in 3,000 miles for another oil change. "Fluids are important," she emphasized. "I know," I said. "Especially when you have the kind of mileage I do." "If you want to keep going," Mary said, "drink a lot of Gatorade."

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