Mark Juszczak

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Chief Executive Officer - Excelsior Admissions Incorporated

World Expert In MBA Admissions - Columbia University


Bachelor's DegreeColumbia University

Master's Degree - International Politics , Columbia University


Founder - Excelsior Admissions Incorporated

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- TOP 10 MBA Admissions & GMAT Seminar

What: A 4-hour intensive seminar about getting into top MBA programs conducted by Mark Juszczak, a world expert in MBA Admissions from Columbia University.
When: Friday, February 9, 2007. 15:00-19:00 Where: Kuwait City Center. About the Speaker: Mark D. Juszczak is a doctoral candidate in learning and innovation management at Columbia University. He has lectured on intelligence testing and MBA admissions for the past 7 years in New York, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Warsaw, Moscow and Kuwait City. He is also the CEO of Excelsior Admissions, the only test-prep company that offers students a fluency-based method of preparation.

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Excelsior Admissions Inc. was started by Mark Darius Juszczak in 2003.After working for several years in the test prep industry in Europe, Mr. Juszczak was frustrated with what he saw as a business that often disappointed.Clients would come in for test preparation and come out, but there real capacity to change their scores would always be marginal.He begun researching what these tests were actually testing in people, and got so interested in the subject that he entered a doctoral program in human intelligence and knowledge management at Teachers College, Columbia University.Since then, he has learned alot about contemporary testing - and what's wrong with it.Apparently, there is a lot of room for improvement, both from the side of the test takers and from the side of the test makers."The biggest problem with these tests," he says, "is that they are just testing if you know the test, not if you are actually competent in what these schools are looking for.

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- staff

Mark Darius Juszczak: Mr. Juszczak is a doctoral candidate in knowledge management at Teachers College at Columbia University's, the oldest and most prominent teaching institute in the world.
He also holds a Master's Degree in International Politics and a Bachelor's Degree from Columbia University. The focus of his doctoral work is the study of methods to accelerate the development of human intelligence. He has lectured for over three years about intelligence testing and about GMAT strategies throughout Europe, and has also been a guest speaker at the World MBA Tour in London, Frankfurt, Munich, Warsaw and Moscow. He is a specialist in the theory of intelligence testing and is one of the principle designers of the Excelsior Accelerator.

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