Mark Hawkins

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Chairman - United Auto Workers

President - United Auto Workers

Chairman - United Auto Workers Local 598

Local 598 President - United Auto Workers Local 598

Shop Chairman - Local 598


Buell Elementary School

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"I think it's great news," said Mark Hawkins, the chairman of UAW Local 598, who said the negotiations were disclosed in a letter from the UAW on Jan. 29.

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National Negotiating Team - 2003 UAW GM and Delphi Report

Mark Hawkins is co-chair of UAW GM National Negotiating Committee, shop chair of Local 598 and represents Subcouncil 2A, Truck Assembly;

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Mark Hawkins, chairman of United Auto Workers union Local 598 at GM's Flint Truck Assembly plant, said the deal with GM covers work rules and other local issues not detailed in the union's 2007 national contract with the company.
Details were not released. A union official could not immediately be reached for comment, but Hawkins told local television stations that the deal would keep open the plant that employs about 520 salaried and hourly workers. "It will have a trickle-down affect to the vendors, suppliers and the whole community," he told WNEM-TV. Workers must vote to ratify the contract. Local 598 scheduled a meeting Sunday to discuss the agreement with members. "It's tough times, but I believe it's going to be an easy sell," Hawkins said. "We've made significant changes in the agreement, but at the same time what we get out of it, the value of the plant being open and these jobs is enormous." In February, Hawkins said GM was negotiating a deal to sell the medium-duty truck unit to Isuzu Motors of Japan.

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