Mark Hatcher

General Information


Chairman - Mark Hatcher Evangelistic Crusades , Inc.

Pastor - Holy Ghost Headquarters Church

Pastor - Radio One Inc

Associate Pastor - The Met Church




Simon Gratz High School

various degrees - theology , 

Doctorate in DivinityGrace Theology Seminary


Founder - Mark Hatcher Evangelistic Crusades , Inc.

Member - Philadelphia Council of Clergy

Recent News

When God imparted to Rev. Hatcher the commission to restore this building, he put on strength, girded up his mind, guarded my spirit and accepted His will.
By the time he publicly shared the vision, he had already begun nurturing this project within my spirit. It was settled in an environment deep within him well- protected from the threat of being plucked out, crushed or strangled out of my being. During this season the darts of criticism, pit falls, stumbling blocks and hindering spirits were experienced. Though the vision tarry, wait for it because it will surely come. Explaining the vision to blinded eyes was exhaustive, but God strengthened me to do so and to forge ahead. Rev. Hatcher refused to come down off the wall just to entertain those filled with doubt and disbelief. Rev. Hatcher began to P.U.S.H. the vision for the great harvest of souls about to be birthed into the ministry. He began to P.U.S.H. the vision for every piece of building supplies and equipment. He began to P.U.S.H. the vision for every skilled man and laborer. He began to P.U.S.H. the vision for the carpet, chairs, HVAC system, AV system and the necessary operating systems. I began to P.U.S.H. the vision for financial and spiritual provision. He have delivered the burden of the vision, Praise the Lord! August 15, 1996 - Rev. Mark Hatcher, Chairman of Mark Hatcher Evangelistic Crusades, Inc., executes a 10 year lease/ purchase option agreement June 1998 - Rev. Mark Hatcher purchases the Met from Thea Jones Evangelistic Association Pastor's Bio Rev. Mark A. Hatcher, son of the late Robert & Therenthia Hatcher, was born and raised in the heart of North Philadelphia. He was educated in the Philadelphia Public School System and graduated from Simon Gratz High School. At a very early age Mark Hatcher converted to Christianity and displayed a love for witnessing to Lord Jesus Christ was seemingly unquenchable. As a teenage, Mark Hatcher was obedient to the call from God to the ministry and was appointed Associate Pastor of the Met Church in 1981 Mark Hatcher established the Mark Hatcher Evangelistic Crusades in 1983 and became the Pastor of the Holy Ghost Headquarters Church in the same year. The church was located in a dilapidated building in North Philadelphia and required renovations before it became a sanctuary of refuge for a rapidly expanding congregation. Mark Hatcher served as General Contractor for the project that was successfully ameliorated. In 1995, God gave Pastor Hatcher a vision to restore the Met. The registered historical building located at Broad & Poplar Streets was slated for demolition, but Pastor Hatcher was commissioned to restore the facility and contribute to the revitalization of the community. The undertaking would be monumental and would require massive funding and unwavering faith. When it comes to faith, believing, pronouncing, and experiencing the promises of God, Pastor Hatcher is full of faith. With the backing of the congregation funding is pouring in and a great work is in progress. Pastor Hatcher has made positive impressions within the North Philadelphia community. He is a product of the North Philadelphia Community and his determination to see a positive change within the deteriorating neighborhood is a driving force. His commitment to ministering to the total man has helped him to build and strengthen the relationship between the church and the local government. His concerned demeanor and genuine ability to inspire has afforded him the opportunity to receive the support of the Mayor's Office, Philadelphia City Council, State Senate and Ward Representatives. Pastor Hatcher is a member of the Philadelphia Council of Clergy, Executive Board of Elders, Morris Cerullo World Evangelism and the Uptown Cultural District Group. During his hectic schedule as a traveling evangelist, Pastor Hatcher attained various degrees in theology. In 1997, Pastor Hatcher received his Doctorate in Divinity from the Grace Theology Seminary in Loris, NC. Pastor Hatcher is the husband of Karen, and the father of five children.

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Pastor Mark Hatcher
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