Mark Bridges

Mark Bridges

Head of Brand at Vanilla Plus

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Suite 28, 30 Churchill Square Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, United Kingdom
Vanilla Plus
HQ Phone:
+44 1732 844017

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Manager  - Prestige Media Inc.

Sales Manager  - Vanille, Concept Plus Design

Advertising Sales Manager  - SGB Sports league

Chief Executive Officer  - MDS

Sales Manager  - Datateam Business Media Limited

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Mark Jordan, GM EMEA, Nexenta
Nexenta has announced its partnership with Medialine AG. By partnering with Medialine AG today, we'll be able to bring the most effective storage tools to customers in Europe and further afield," said Mark Jordan, GM EMEA of Nexenta.

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Mark Edwards,CEO, MDS
Communications service providers (CSPs) are transforming to become digital service providers (DSPs) but to do so they need to move away from the monolithic CEM systems of the past. Mark Edwards, the CEO of MDS, tells George Malim that CSPs are looking to address the entire customer journey by starting with a vision and working backwards to create the platform they need. "A lot of the traditional systems are quite monolithic so it takes too long in terms of time to market to deliver the services that customers want," says Edwards. "The support side, rather than being centred around the call centre needs to be more self-care based," explains Edwards. "Customers want that and it's more cost effective for the CSP to provide selfcare. The new approach is a combination of how apps and services are offered through the experience on the device, the flexibility of the billing system and self-care and the integration of all that in real-time." "A number of CSPs recognise this challenge and are making changes to introduce these components so they have a billing system that is more customer centric along with much more adept service portals to allow greater integration," adds Edwards. "Customers are satisfied when the service they receive is of a good quality but they're also satisfied when a relevant offer is made to them in a timely fashion," says Edwards. Edwards gives the example of offering a roaming bundle to travellers or pushing a short offer to a user while they are engaged in a specific activity such as if they're watching video and reaching the end of their data package. A simple push message could be sent saying: Video data upgrade €2 yes or no? In that scenario, everyone wins because the marketing is not intrusive, the user gets to continue with their session and the CSP makes a little more revenue. Such opportunities and models will proliferate as CSPs continue the transformation to become DSPs. "CSPs are trying to get into the business of offering more timely services," confirms Edwards. "Users are willing to pay €2 a day or an hour for specific services when they need them but, to make the right offers, relevance and timing are key. You need information about the customer to know what they like, what their preferences are and what they've bought before. Even if it's aggregated information across a demographic, it still becomes extremely important." Edwards thinks CSPs' direction of travel is set towards this. "This absolutely is the evolution that needs to happen," he says. "There are different stages of advancing to become DSPs and most CSPs recognise it's not about providing a data pipe, it's about understanding users' contexts in terms of their data usage and quality of service." He singles out the recently launched iD MVNO by UK electronics retailer DixonsCarphone Warehouse as a good example of a provider that looks more like a DSP than a traditional CSP and MDS is helping others on similar journeys.

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For VanillaPlus, contact: Mark Bridges, Business Development Manager.
For VanillaPlus, contact: Â Mark Bridges, Business Development Manager.Â

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