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Paul Dourish: Books

James Katz and Mark Aakhus (eds).

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FCJ-139 Sand14: Reconstructing the Future of the Mobile Telecoms Industry | Fibreculture Journal: 20

There has been extensive comment and critique of this utopian future of perfect telecommunications: its production of an idealised perpetual contact (Katz and Aakhus 2002); its Judeo-Christian heritage in the Tower of Babel (De Vries 2005), its historical reproduction through time from nineteenth century telegraph futures (Mattelart 1999), through to the popular versions of Marshall McLuhan's 'global village' and Bill Gates' 'friction-free capitalism'.
Katz, James E. and Mark Aakhus, Eds.

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M/C Journal: "Modernity and the Mobile Phone"

5Mobile phones are particularly powerful communication tools because of their mobility, accessibility, and convergence (Ling 16-19; Ito 14-15; Katz and Aakhus 303).Katz, James E., and Mark Aakhus, eds.

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