Mario Saucedo

Mario Saucedo

Chairman at The North Redlands Visioning Committee

The North Redlands Visioning Committee

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Chair  - Northside Visioning Committee

Another Tool  - Police Department


Co-Chairman  - The Common Vision Coalition

Chairman of the Committee  - The Visioning

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Mario Saucedo, chairman of the North Redlands Visioning Committee and chairman of the Common Vision Coalition said on Dec. 15 one theme throughout the committees discussions was to unify north and south Redlands and ensure economic prosperity.
I was surprised to hear that there is a theme that the citizens of that committee are looking to unify this community, he said. There have been so many folks within the community that have been voicing that concern for a number of years.

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Mario Saucedo, chairman of the North Redlands Visioning Committee, said the issues on Myrtle Street are not different from issues facing other parts of the city, such as on the northern side of town.
Saucedo has been informing city officials of these types of issues in communities on the North Side for years. Does it take a number of people to go into the City Council and voice their concerns or can it be handled through the normal processes which is customer complaints or citizen complaints and then things are done? Saucedo said.

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North Redlands Visioning Committee President Mario Saucedo led several cleanup days, and many local businesses donated services, materials and equipment to remove debris.

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