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Marie-Christine Loiseau - Instructor: Online College of Astrology

Marie-Christine Loiseau
Instructor Marie-Christine Loiseau: Instructor Born on March 18, 1947 at 7:45 AM in Paris, France, Marie-Christine grew up in her native city. Drawn to America after spending a summer in Vermont working at a Summer Stock theater when she was 18, she moved to New York at 21. There she found a job for a chain of bookstores and met her husband, a writer. Three years later the couple moved to Paris where Marie-Christine started a health food store. Besides selling organic products, the store quickly became a meeting place for every alternative ways of thinking that the 70s were so fond of, including…Astrology. The seed was planted; however, it wasn't until many years later that astrology became a dedicated study. Before that, there were many moves back and forth between France and the US; a divorce; a number of job changes; a Master of Arts in Teaching languages; and raising two children. It was in the midst of a career in teaching and translating, that Marie-Christine actually took up Astrology in a serious way. It happened fortuitously when a friend offered to read her chart (she'd had readings before, but this one was determinant). He sent her home with Liz Greene's Astrology of Fate. From that moment on, she was hooked. Astrology took over her life. It wasn't even a decision, but a force leading her on a path she could never have imagined. This was the point when she bought more books. She taught herself the basic elements of Astrology, and pretty soon was taking classes at OCA. Two years later she was offered the position of instructor, which she enthusiastically accepted. There is nothing she would rather do than share what she has learned under the guidance of the fabulous OCA teachers. She is currently living in Hailey, Idaho (12 miles from the Sun Valley ski resort), pursuing her career as a French teacher and translator, writing for the local Sun Valley Magazine, enjoying skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and dedicating a good portion of her time to Astrology. Marie-Christine Loiseau

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