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Marian Guinn

Nurse and A Member at Collinsville Church of Christ

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1400 TROY RD, Collinsville, Illinois, United States
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Marian Guinn, a member of the Church of Christ, resigned from her Church.The Church refused to accept her resignation and denounced her for fornication in front of the whole congregation.She sued the Church for invasion of privacy and emotional distress, and was awarded $ 390,000. The Norman Hancock lawsuit (Mesa, Arizona, 1985) and the Darla Tarrant case Holladay, Utah, 1985).

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A guest on the show was Marian Guinn, a divorced mother of four, a nurse, and a member of the Collinsville Church of Christ.
She had been having an affair with Pat Sharp, the former mayor in the tiny town of 3,500. When the three presiding elders confronted her, she admitted the affair with the understanding that her confession was to remain confidential. However, they insisted that she confess before the congregation. She refused. They gave her an ultimatum. If she "did not confess publicly in two weeks they would issue a formal statement to the congregation denouncing her 'fornication' and calling on members to 'withdraw fellowship' from her. Guinn testified: "I did everything but get down on my knees, pleading with them not to bring this before the congregation. ... I'm not saying I wasn't guilty. I was. But it was none of their business. She resigned from the church but the elders refused to accept it, announcing that "she would remain a member until they expelled her. They read the announcement, denouncing her for "fornication." She filed a $1.3 million lawsuit against the church and the three elders for invasion of privacy and for emotional distress. Her attorney's argument was, "He was a single man. She was a single lady. And this is America. The attorney for the elders took the position: "That is the belief of every denomination that I know of, that you just can't go around doing these things. The jury agreed with Guinn and awarded her $390,000 in damages; they specified additional damages, but both attorneys agreed on a maximum of $390,000. Norman listened attentively, frustrated that the show dealt so sketchily with the legal standing of Mrs. Guinn's situation.

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Marian Guinn, a member of the Church of Christ of Collinsville, OK, hand delivered her resignation to the minister after he told her he was going to excommunicate her for fornication.
The minister refused to honor the resignation, went ahead with the 'excommunication' and then announced it from the pulpit. Guinn sued and was awarded $390,000. On appeal the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that Guinn's resignation was effective immediately and that anything the church or the minister did after the minister received Guinn's resignation was tortable. In other words, she could sue for anything they did after she resigned. The court ruled that with her resignation Guinn withdrew her consent to being treated as a member and she withdrew her consent to being subject to church discipline. Of extra importance is the fact that the court ruled that the right to freedom of religion also includes the right to unilaterally resign from a church. In several subsequent court cases the Mormon church has agreed to the principles established in Guinn.

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