Marc Ferraro

Marc Ferraro

Chief Financial Officer at GiGGo Toys Inc

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1979 Marcus Avenue, New Hyde Park, New York, United States

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Stock Borrowed and Equity Trader  - equity trading firm


Master's Degree  - Finance , St. John's University

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Marc Ferraro
Having worked as a registered stock broker in the financial district for over 20 years, Marc has extensive experience on managing money and smart investing. He is a stock specialist trading in 35 NYSE stocks applying long/short and riskless arbitrage strategies to equity positions. He was a member of STANY (Securities Traders Association of New York) from 1989 - 2005. Marc oversees all GiGGo Toys' financial and insurance relationships. He is responsible for the profit and loss of GiGGo Toys, Inc. and cost of goods sold. He is also in charge of maintaining a competitive Product Liability Insurance (PLI) policy. Marc works with the banks on business issues, letters of credit and money conversions across the countries. Marc earned his Master's Degree in Finance from St. John's University. He is the proud father of 3 teenage children, has been a baseball coach for 7 years and enjoys a round of golf with his son when he has a chance.

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