Manny Backus

Manny Backus

Chief Executive Officer at Wealthpire , Inc.

3435 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(310) 882-6440

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Wealthpire, Inc. was founded by expert trader Manny Backus.
Manny had a vision to establish a company that focused on helping the average street-level investor to succeed in the stock market. Manny used his knowledge and expertise to form a company that did just that.

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Manny Backus
Manny Backus Manny Backus is known in investment circles as the "Stock Trading Whiz Kid," or "the untutored prodigy of stock investing". Manny was groomed in the arena of international chess as a child and has applied the tactical ability and the schematic thinking he developed into the skill of picking winning stocks. Since the age of 15 years old, he has experienced great success in the stock market. By age 19, he began actively trading in the market with real money. This has given him ample time to learn how the market works from the inside out. In 2002, Manny founded Wealthpire, Inc. and has been successfully running several trading research services ever since. Manny's main goal is to use his knowledge, expertise and experience to help the average street-level investor to have a fun and profitable experience in the market.

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Manny Backus, Founder and President of Wealthpire, Inc.

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