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Student  - Quaid-e-Azam Public School and College

Abducted Trader  - The Mardan

Student of Mardan Branch  - Peshawar Model School

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31 March , 2010 - MARDAN: President of Local Council Association (LCA), ex district nazim Haripur Yousaf Ayuab Khan said that government wanted to introduce old local government system of 1979 but LCA totally rejected that system and demanded government to immediately arrange election of local government because the people are facing a lot of problems on gross roots.
He expressed these views while addressing to a seminar at Mardan Press Club (MPC) arranged in this connection on Wednesday. Former district nazim of Mardan and Convener of the association, Himayatullah Mayar, General Secretary and ex nazim of town 111 Peshawar Israrullah advocate. 30 March , 2010 - MARDAN: A student of 1st year of Quaid-e-Azam Public School and College who was kidnapped few days ago safely reached to his home. Sources told that student Hamaad son of Dr Muhammad Saeed resident of Sector, S, Sheikh Maltoon Town (SMT), who is student of class 1st year of Quaid-e-Azam Public School and College, was kidnapped on 22 March, has safely reached to his house on Tuesday evening. It was not conformed that family of the abducted student pays ransom to the kidnapers because kidnaper demanded 1 million rupees ransom for his safe release. 29 March , 2010 - MARDAN: Unknown kidnaper kidnapped a student of 1st year of Quaid-e-Azam Public School and College and demanded 10 lack rupees ransom from his family. 28 March , 2010 - MARDAN: One person killed while two got seriously injured due to Ariel firing in a wedding ceremony at Gahri Kapura village on Sunday. 26 March , 2010 - MARDAN: Student of Peshawar Model School (PMS) Mardan branch of class 3 Muhammad Bin Riaz got 564 marks out of 625 and stood 1st in class. MARDAN: Three people including a husband and wife were killed while mother and his son got seriously injured in firing incident in Rustam here on Friday evening. Sources told that a flying coach was coming from Buner to Mardan, on Mardan Buner road near Azmari Kanda area of Rustam police station unidentified gunmen took down five people including two woman and allegedly started firing on them. MARDAN: Managing Director of Bacha Khan Education Foundation (BKEF), Khadim Hussain said that founder of Khudai Khidmatgar Movement Late Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan) wanted to change the condition of Pukhtuans through education. MARDAN: Tension is found in the lecturers and other staff of Abdul Wali Khan University (AWKU) Mardan due to the miss behavior of few students several lecturers have decided to resign the university jobs. Sources told to The Frontier Post that three students who belong to wealthy families of Mardan miss behaved to the lecturers and other staff of the university and also teased them. The mentioned students few days ago quarreled with a lecturer and disgraced him due to which the university administration wanted to struck off these students. Sources told that the parents of the mentioned students contacted the Chief Minister of N.W.F.P Ameer Hadier Khan Hoti. Chief Minister ordered the university administration not to struck off the students and told the administration that he has provided better facilities to the university staff and administration but university administration and staff did not tolerate his three students due to this order of the Chief Minister tension is created between university lecturers and other staff and several lecturers of the university have decided to resign from their post. 25 March , 2010 - MARDAN: Unidentified armed men snatched 20 lack rupees from a person in Shahbaz Gahri area on Thursday night. Sources told that a tea dealer identified as Iltaf ur Rehman resident of Shamshi road Mardan who is tea dealer coming back from Swabi in his motor car unidentified armed men stopped his car on Swabi Mardan road at Bala Gahri area of Shahbaz Gahri police station and snatched 20 lack rupees from him and also started firing on him as a result he got seriously injured. He was shifted to hospital while unidentified armed men escaped from the spot. MARDAN: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials raided in city area and arrested a currency dealer and recovered foreign currency from him on Thursday. MARDAN: Student of Peshawar Model School (PMS) Mardan branch of class 3 Muhammad Bin Riaz got 564 marks out of 625 and stood 1st in class. MARDAN: Managing Director of Bacha Khan Education Foundation (BKEF), Khadim Hussain said that founder of Khudai Khidmatgar Movement Late Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan) wanted to change the condition of Pukhtuans through education. 24 March , 2010 - MARDAN: Like other parts of the country 24 March was observed as Tuberculoses (TB) day. In this connection a meeting and walk was arranged at Tuberculoses hospital Bagdada Mardan. They said that with establishment of this libratory patients of Mardan district and surrounding district will face no difficulty and they can complete their treatment in Mardan easily. They said that complete treatment of the patients is free. They said that through 24 March we want to aware the people about this disease. They advised the people to bring the T.B patient to this hospital for free treatment. MARDAN: Due to the increased in traffic incident on Motor way M I high-up's directed the owner and drivers of vehicles of Mardan , not use old tires and do not violate the motor way rules. 23 March , 2010 - MARDAN: Chief Minister Ameer Hadier Khan Hoti said that it is the need of time that we should keep politics and ideologies at one side to strengthened country and province with full zeal and enthusiasm and to fail the evil aims of the enemy of Pukhtuans. Ameer Hadier Khan Hoti said that enemies of Pukhtuans after Swat, Malakand, and Buner are thinking of getting power over Mardan, Swabi, Charsadda, Nowshera and Peshawar as well. MARDAN: At least four people died while four including a woman got seriously injured when a speedy flying coach trued over on motor way near Rashaki inter change on Monday. 19 March , 2010 - MARDAN: Ratio of crime has rapidly increased in Mardan urban areas from the last few months, gambling, narcotics selling, Ariel firing, show of weapons, wine selling are increased in urban areas. There are many spots of gambling in urban areas where gamblers of Mardan and other district came and play million rupees gambling. There are several officers who have been transferred to Mardan few months ago and they have no progress and nor they have any role to stop terrorism in Mardan district and they are very joiner in seniority list but high-ups promoted them and ignored senor and talented officers who showed great progress to encounter terrorist in Mardan. Due to this the senor officers and other police officer discouraged because they know that promotion was not given on progress and seniority bases but promotion is given on political bases and due to this reason they did not show efficacy to encounter crimes and terrorism while on the other side joiner officer were promoted who have no experience to counter crime and terrorism due to which the ratio of crime and terrorism has increased in urban areas from few months. 19 March , 2010 - MARDAN: The activists of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) on Tuesday held a rally and demanded governor NWFP Awais Ahmed Ghani to finish FIR against the student of engineering university Peshawar and also readmit the students who were struck off from the university. 19 March , 2010 - MARDAN: Employees of different provincial departments who were terminated in 1995 to 1997 and President Asif Ali zardari restored them through ordinance but provincial government did not restored the employees stages hunger strike in front of Government Post Graduate College (GPGC) Mardan with their children and demanded provincial government to immediately restored the provincial employees. Large number of the terminated employees of Mardan, Swabi, Charsadda, Takhatbhai, Nowshera and surrounding areas with their children attended the hunger strike camp. 19 March , 2010 - MARDAN: Unknown accused stole 100 KVA transformer from Katti Gahri village area of Shahbaz Gahri police station on Thursday night. Tariq Ahmed AMO Pesco Yar Hussain reported to police and said that unknown accused stole enter parts and oil of 100 KVA transformer of Katti Gahri village and left the empty body of the transformer due to which the area is in dark. Police registered case against unknown accused. 18 March , 2010 - MARDAN: Mardan police has claimed that they have arrested an alleged terrorist in Nation Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) office Mardan on Thursday. Sources told that Mardan police has arrested alleged terrorist Ali Muhammad son of Dowst Muhammad resident of Bakhsali in NADRA office when he was making NIC. 13 March , 2010 - MARDAN: Police has claimed that they have arrested 8 Proclaimed Offenders (POs) and killed one PO in search operation and recovered weapons and hashish from their possessions. It was stated in a press release issued by Deputy Inspector General of police (DIG) Mardan Syed Akhtar Ali Sha

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