Maja Aleksic

last updated 8/24/2017

Maja Aleksic

Director of Assessment and Accountabiltily at Tempe Union High School District

500 W GUADALUPE RD, Tempe, Arizona, United States
HQ Phone:
(480) 839-0292

Recent News  

Guidelines challenge use of AIMS tutoring money for schools 3/18/05

Maja Aleksic, Tempe Union director of assessment and accountability, said that the district requested funding for its 1,240 juniors who have not passed the AIMS.At a designated $270 per student, Tempe Union could receive $334,800 if every one of these students participates in tutoring.The district then must provide documentation to the Department of Education in order to be reimbursed for the number of students and the number of hours of tutoring they received.Because students attend tutoring sessions at their convenience, Aleksic said breaking this down is not an easy task and one for which school districts are not compensated."It is hard to figure out how to track this.It will take a lot of time to track this down, and we receive no money for the administrative work needed to do this.That would have been nice," she said.Although there are more obstacles in the process than expected, Aleksic said Tempe Union would do whatever is necessary to capture some of the tutoring funds."We weighed the disadvantages and benefits and saw there were more benefits to it," she said.

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