Maiezo Ndo

Self Employee at Sun Fox

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Sun Fox


Last Update 7/22/2024 4:39 AM

About Maiezo Ndo

Maiezo Ndo works as a Self Employee at Sun Fox, which is a Jewelry & Watch Retail company. Maiezo is currently based in South Africa. Found email listings include: m***@sunfoxstore.com.Read more

Maiezo Ndo Current Workplace

Sun Fox is a company that operates in the Jewelry & Watch Retail industry. It employs 10to19 people and has 1Mto5M of revenue. The company is headquartered in the United States.

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Self Employee




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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Maiezo Ndo

What company does Maiezo Ndo work for?
Maiezo Ndo works for Sun Fox as Self Employee
What is Maiezo Ndo’s role in Sun Fox?
Maiezo Ndo’s role in Sun Fox is Self Employee
What is Maiezo Ndo’s direct phone number?
Maiezo Ndo’s direct phone number is (***) ***-****
Which industry does Maiezo Ndo work in?
Maiezo Ndo works in the industry of Jewelry & Watch Retail, Retail.
Who are Maiezo Ndo’s peers at other companies?
Maiezo Ndo’s peers at other companies are Ankit Soni, Arun Kumar, Saleem Dhanani, Rahul Shah, Tika Wulandari.
Where is Maiezo Ndo based?
Maiezo Ndo works for Sun Fox, located at United States
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