M.H. Marigowda

M.H. Marigowda

Deputy Superintendent at Lalbagh

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Member, Service  - Lalbagh

Assistant Superintendent  - Gardens

Harvard University


Founder  - Bangalore Nuserymen's Cooperative Society

Founder  - Horticulture Produced Cooperative Marketing Society

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Visionaries of Modern Lalbagh - Dr. M.H. Marigowda
DR.Marigowda was born on 8th august 1916at Mysore. He had his early educationat Mysore and later higher education at lucknow, leading to M.sc degree in Botany. He joined the service at the Lalbagh in the year 1942, as the Assistant Superintendent of Gardens, under Rao Bahadur H.C.Javaraya, the then Superintendent of Government Gardens. In 1947, he was sent to England to undergo a rigorous traning in horticulture at Royal Botanical Garden, Kew, for a period of six months. From England he proceeded to United states of America in 1948. There he joined the world famous Harvard university and obtained his Ph.D.degree in Botany in the year 1951. In the same year he returned to india and assumed the post of Deputy Superintendent at Lalbagh; and in a shortwhile, he rose to the post of Superintendent of Government Gardens and in 1963, the Director of Horticulture in Mysore state. It is Dr.Marigowda who is entirely responsible for elevating the minor Department of Horticultureto a major Department , by effecting alround expansion of the horticulture activities in the state. He set into implementation an uniqe pattern of horticulture development out of his long-standing experiences and forethought. He called is modle as "4-Limbed Modle of Horticulture". To suit to this, he established the Horticulture Produced Cooperative Marketing Society and the Bangalore Nuserymen's Cooperative Society, at Bangalore. To spread the horticulture knowledge to the people, he started 'The Lalbagh' journal in English and 'Totagara' in Kannada. During his office tenure, Dr.Marigowda started as many as about 380 farms and nurseries, all over thestate. His visualisation of these farms and nusaries was in developing them as progeny orchards, nursery centres and places of demonstrationof new crops and new technology to the farmers. Simiraly, he started very useful programmes such as production of Tall x Dwarf coconut seedlings at KRS, Dwarf x Tall coconut seedling at Bellara (Tumkur district) and elite Tall x Tall coconut seeding at kannamangala near Bangalore. Dr.Marigowda felt that for the modernising the horticulture, there should be banking of scientific laboratories. This of idea of his led to starting Plant Protection Laboratory, Soil Testing Laboratory and seed testing laboratory, at Lalbagh, bangalore. These Laboratories gave new fillip to the development of horticulture in the state. He is alsoresponsible for starting aDehydration Unit at Lalbagh. Dr.Marigowda, didnot lag behib in plant introduction;he introduced many indigenous and exotic species into lalbagh and other farms and nuseries. Dr.Marigowda was a staunch advocator of dryland horticulture, and to demonstrate the worth of this, he started many dry orchdds in the state. He also popularised many special methods of soil and water conservation to aid dry land crops. mixed and inter- cropping got special fillip during his times. Thus, throughhis achievements and feats, the state of karnataka became the 'Horticulture State' of india and Dr.Marigowda's name became immortal in the annals of horticulturein karnataka. He retired from service in the year 1947, and since then residing at Banaglore. he is still actively working for the cause of horticulture and rural development.

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