Lyndsay Quiggle

last updated 1/17/2018

General Information


Senior Program Development Representative - Energy Curtailment Specialists Inc

Sales Representative - Cintas Corporation


Energy Advisor - BlueRock Energy Inc

Recent News

8. Jim Ristano welcomed our Keynote Speaker for today's meeting; Ms. Lyndsay Quiggle, Senior Representative of Energy Curtailment Specialists.Ms. Quiggle received a warm round of applause for her presentation.

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Peppino's Restaurant & Catering Co - BlueRock Energy

BlueRock Energy Advisor Lyndsay Quiggle, first took a look at the Peppino's account when she acquired it in 2014 and noticed that although they had been a gas customer since 2009, they had switched their electric service to a competitor in 2014.
She was determined to find out why and to rebuild the relationship. Quiggle called Vigliotti and asked if he'd allow her to review his current electric bills to determine if he was receiving the best rates. He agreed, and just as she suspected, he was paying at a much higher average rate than he should have been. She discussed the company's specific needs and customized a plan that would save him nearly 30 percent. Thanks to her tenaciousness, Lyndsay had identified a problem that he didn't even know he had, and came up with a solution. "Lyndsay took the time to show me how to look at my bill. "Lyndsay and BlueRock provide that for us."

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Energy Advisors - BlueRock Energy

Lyndsay Quiggle
Energy Advisor

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