Lyndon Calway

Lyndon Calway

ICT Client Services Coordinator at Chairo Christian School

76 Balfour Road, Drouin, Victoria, Australia
HQ Phone:
+61 3 5625 4600

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Operations Support Officer  - Viatek ICT Services

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"With so many IT-dependent students and teachers in multiple locations and on multiple devices we reached the point where we had a backlog of calls to physically visit sites," said Lyndon Calway, ICT client services coordinator at Chairo.
Late in 2013, while exploring a range of options, Chairo began explaining its situation to Kaseya, which then put together a strategy and suite of solutions. By 2014, the Chairo IT support team reported that they were able to remotely control the school's entire IT ecosystem from a single pane of glass, while fully automating all system processes. This solution has led to significant savings in terms of time and money for the school and for the IT department. "Previously, our IT guys would visit schools armed with USB memory sticks containing applications, but we're now able to deploy required applications at a much faster rate without having to leave the office," Calway said. For teachers and students, this has resulted in better utilisation of IT resources and better overall productivity in the classroom. "Tasks that were typically quite time consuming for our IT guys are now completed relatively quickly," Calway noted. "Previously, if our IT staff didn't have a VNC (Virtual Network Control) they would literally have to walk across the campus to visit the user, or jump in their car to visit another campus," Calway said. Calway added that the ability to remotely manage more technical tasks has meant that when IT staff members do attend a campus, they are able to spend more quality face-to-face time with teachers and students, achieving better results for all. Wake-up Kaseya's capabilities around remotely powering machines on and off has proved to be another important capability for Chairo. In the past, every computer needed to be manually switched on. Now all updates can be achieved remotely, even from Calway's home office, while students and teachers no longer have to remember instructions from IT staff. "Having the ability to automatically power on and off machines enables us to deliver new software or updates out-of-hours through Kaseya, so when the students come in the next day it's definitely on the machine, rather than being just halfway through the installation process," Calway explained. "The new remote support functionality Kaseya introduced in 7.0 is absolutely fantastic." Calway added: "Without fail, we haven't had a connection take longer than a second and a half to connect to those machines. "Teachers and students at the school now have greater freedom to explore and deploy mobile applications for learning," Calway said. For Chairo, the deployment of Kaseya has resulted in significant improvements to the management of IT systems and devices across its four campuses, resulting in significant time and cost savings, but most critically, better utilisation of technology in and out of the classroom. "All up, Kaseya is turning out to be a fantastic solution that we rely on every day to deliver powerful, technology-enabled learning," Calway concluded.

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