Lyle Moldawer

last updated 7/17/2017

Lyle L. Moldawer

Professor at University of Florida

2015 N. Jefferson St., Jacksonville, Florida, United States
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(904) 588-1800

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Professor and Vice Chairman ( Research ) - University of Florida College of Medicine



PhDUniversity of Florida College of Medicine

PhD - Department of Surgery , University of Florida , College of Medicine

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The Center For Engineering in Medicine

Lyle Moldawer, University of Florida

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Press Release

According to Professor Lyle L. Moldawer of the University of Florida College ofMedicine (Gainesville, Florida, USA), a recognized expert in the sepsis field who

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university of florida | Experience! Newsletter

Researchers, including Delano and Lyle Moldawer, Ph.D., a professor and vice chairman of research in UF's department of surgery, say understanding the chemical signals that help direct immunity may lead to improved therapies for patients with suppressed immune systems, such as those with critical injuries, HIV and cancer, who need extra help fighting infections.
"What we showed, which is actually quite revolutionary, is that B cells modulate the early innate immune response," Moldawer said. "If we block this increase (in SDF-1 in the infected area), then we don't see a mobilization," Moldawer said. "The neutrophils are not recruited to the site of infection and the infection can't be controlled." Moldawer said SDF-1 also speeds neutrophils' development from stem cells and increases their "bacteria-killing properties." The identification of SDF-1 and of CXCL10 in activating the body's innate immune response could pave the way for medicines that stimulate innate immunity in immune-suppressed patients. Scientists from the University of California,-Los Angeles, Yale University, Duke University Medical Center, Osaka University, Merck Research Laboratories and the University of Virginia also helped with the studies. "The next step is to ask whether giving SDF-1 can improve outcomes in patients that have reduced numbers of inflammatory cells due to chemotherapy, malnutrition, etc.," Moldawer said.

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