Lucie Pépin

Lucie Pépin


151 Atwater Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

General Information


Correctional Investigator  - Canada Inc.

National Coordinator  - Badgley Commission on the Application of the Abortion Law


B.A.  - 

Diploma  - Nursing Sciences , University of Montreal

Honorary Doctorate  - McMaster University

LL.D.  - McMaster University


ADVISORY BOARD Member  - Equal Voice

Project Member  - McGill University

Senator  - Shawinigan , Quebec

Senator  - The Honourable Marcel Prud'homme , P.C.

Board Member  - GRISIM

Senator, Vice Chief  - National Defence

Co-Chair  - Senate

Canadian Senator and Corresponding Member of Executive Council  - The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada

Member of the Social Affairs  - Science and Technology Senate Committee

Honorary Senator  - Palestine Parliamentary Association

Honorary Senator  - Betsy

Board Member  - Parliamentary Centre

Chair, Senator and Member  - Social Affairs , Science and Technology

Member  - Human Rights

Honorary Senator  - Canada-Palestine Parliamentary Association

Honorary Senator  - Dennis Dawson Canada-Arab World Parliamentary Association

Member  - Canadian Forces College

Member  - Parliament

Member  - House of Commons

Member  - Royal Commission on Electoral Reform

Senator  - Party Financing

President  - Canadian Advisory Council on the Status

Member  - Royal Commission

Recent News  

The Honorable Lucie Pépin, Retired Senator

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The Honorable Lucie Pépin, C.Q., B.A., Honorary President of MCW
On September 7, 2011, The Honorable Lucie Pépin, Senator, one of Canada 's most illustrious women leaders, retired from Parliament Hill. Appointed to the Senate in 1997 by the Rt. Honorable Jean Chrétien, Senator Lucie Pépin represented the province of Quebec and the Senatorial Division of Shawinigan. Honorable Brian Mulroney appointed Lucie Pépin to two Royal Commissions (Electoral Reform and Party Financing (1989-92)) and to the Appeals Division of the National Parole Board (1993-1997. Lucie Pépin is busy with volunteer work three days a week and plans to continue her work in activism in her retirement. Senator Pépin is the recipient of several awards of distinction for her efforts, including the Chevalier de l'Ordre du Québec (1999), and an LL.D. (honoris causa) from McMaster University (1994). We are proud that The Honorable Lucie P épin serves as Honorary President of the Montreal Council of Women . (Excerpts taken from articles below.) Read an article on the Liberal Senate Forum: The Hon. Lucie Pépin, C.Q., B.A. - Senator Lucie Pépin retired on September 7, 2011

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Sheila Goldbloom, representative for Dr. Dorothy Abike Wills, Jeanne Maranda, Charlotte Thibault and The Honourable Lucie Pepin.
It is with great pride and distinct honour that we welcome Senator Lucie Pepin as Honorary President of the Montreal Council of Women. Over the past few decades the Honourable Lucie Pepin has been responsible for many changes in our society, particularly on women's issues.

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