Lucian Kahn

Lucian L. Kahn

Director at Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

120 King St. W., Plaza Level, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
HQ Phone:
(905) 522-1151

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University of Cincinnati


Member, Student Loan Committee - Rotary Club of Hamilton

Volunteer Posts - Fort Hamilton Council

Member, Advisory Boards - Mercy Hospital

Founder - Estate

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Lazard Kahn's influence continues: | Lucian Kahn continued family service standard: | Kahn legacy evident in community: | Previous | Next662. Dec. 20, 2000 -- Lucian Kahn continued family service standard: Journal-News, Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2000 Lucian Kahn continued family standard Company direction gradually passed to their offspring -- David and Albert, sons of Felix; Bertrand and Lucian, sons of Lazard; and Myron, the only son of Samuel.Lucian Kahn was born Sept. 21, 1886, while his parents resided at 323 North Third Street, the offices of Butler County United Way for more than half a century, thanks to the generosity of the Kahn family. He was educated in Hamilton schools and attended the University of Cincinnati.Before joining the family business in Hamilton, he ventured west, working in a lumber mill in Washington, toiling in gold, silver and lead mines in Utah and Colorado and representing the Estate Stove Company on the road in Texas. In 1914, he married Clara Maltman.The Kahns, the parents of one daughter, resided at 375 South D Street in Hamilton for many years. During World War I, he was an infantry captain.Kahn showed pride in his military service when he helped organize two American Legion groups in Hamilton -- Frank Durwin Post 138 and, for black veterans, Lewis Whittaker Post 520.When Post 138 outgrew its Hillcrest headquarters, Kahn headed the campaign to finance the April 1945 move to a new location on North Second Street. Kahn helped establish the Hamilton Community Chest (now Butler County United Way) in 1920 and, among many assignments, headed fund-raising campaigns in 1924, 1925, 1928 and 1929.A tribute said Kahn "probably gave his greatest service, as was typical of him, at the time when it was needed most.In the years 1930 to 1935 [Depression years], while money was the hardest to secure for any purpose" . . . he "worked unceasingly to secure money enough to meet the greatest needs . . . ." His support of the Hamilton Chapter of the American Red Cross also extended over many years.Lucian and a brother, Bertrand, were responsible for acquiring and donating to the community the octagon house at 319 North Third Street.Lucian was a director of the Hamilton YMCA for 15 years.A favorite project was the Worthy Boy Committee, which solicited money to send young men to Camp Campbell Gard.As a member of the Hamilton Rotary Club, he served on the student loan committee that assisted less fortunate youth with tuition payments. His interest in youth extended to the Boy Scouts.Starting in 1929, he held a variety of volunteer posts with the Fort Hamilton Council.In 1942, as chairman of the board of trustees he formally presented Camp Myron Kahn to the council.The camp was a gift from the family and named in honor of a deceased cousin. Kahn also was generous with his time and money with Mercy Hospital in Hamilton, serving on advisory boards and providing leadership for financial campaigns.As a director for several years and president of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce from 1928 to 1930, he championed a variety of civic projects, including highway, waterway and airport development. Lucian Kahn died Aug. 5, 1947, while visiting his daughter in San Francisco.Later it was noted that Kahn won popularity with his workers as he made almost daily trips through the Hamilton plant, greeting employees by their first names and asking caring, intelligent questions about their families. They were the parents of five children -- a daughter, Mrs. Marie Kahn Heyn, and four sons, Milton, Bertram, Lucian and Jerome, who were involved in the business. Kahn was generous with his time, talent and money in the community. After his death, his sons founded the Lazard Kahn Foundation, which supported a variety of local civic and charitable organizations and causes, including the Hamilton Symphony Orchestra, United Way and "Operation Pumpkin," a Halloween program for Hamilton children. Fifteen years after his death, in the midst of World War II, the Lazard L. Kahn Memorial Community House was established in his honor. Kahn said the house, a memorial to his late father, would be controlled by a three-member board -- Cyrus J. Fitton, Walter S. Rowe and Lucian L. Kahn, a brother of Bertrand and a also son of Lazard Kahn.

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Hamilton Municipal Building

Lucian Kahn headed the committee, which included Mrs. Emil Olinger, J. Walter Wack, Charles Hosea, John M. Beeler, Dr. Merle Flenner, John W. Strange and Raymond R. Nardine.Joining Kahn as speakers Nov. 24, 1935, were Augustus R. Hatton, dean of the political science department at Northwestern University, and Cincinnati Mayor Russell Wilson."Its beauty has been enhanced by the stone carvings, medallion and seal located near the several entrances," Kahn said of the structure, which cost $548,088 when completed."Models of these were executed by our fellow townsman, Robert McCloskey, Kahn said.

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They were David and Albert, sons of Felix, and Bertrand and Lucian, sons of Lazard.At the time of the sale, Estate company officers included David, Bertrand, Albert and Lucian Kahn, sons of the brothers who founded Estate (Felix, Lazard and Samuel Kahn).

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