Lucas Condon

Lucas Condon

Head of Business Development and Sales - Parcel Supply at W&P Design LLC

119 Ingraham St, Brooklyn, New York, United States

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Executive Talent Manager At Phifer and Company  - LinkedIn

Merchandising and Marketing Manager  - Birchbox


Recruiting Associate  - Dave Partners

Executive Talent Manager  - Phifer & Company

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Lucas Condon
Executive Talent Manager Although born in the United States, but if you ask him, he is English through and through. After completing all of his formative education in the United Kingdom, Lucas returned to the US with his family to attend university. During which time he discovered talent acquisition to be his calling, an ever-ready networker; Lucas never shies away from meeting new people and is proud to genuinely have their best interest at heart, although if you have something bad to say about his beloved football (soccer), you might have a problem on your hands. During college and high school he interned at a series of financial institutions, however what really rings his bell is working with people, not numbers. If you were to ask his friends, they would all say that Lucas is something of a social butterfly, who makes friends and new acquaintances every day. After arriving in his now home of Franklin Lakes (as in the real housewives), NJ, Lucas became instinctively drawn to Manhattan in order to fill his need for hustle and bustle; first cutting his teeth working as a startup recruiter for some of the countries newest Silicon Valley companies. Since then he has gradually moved away from the technology sector and found his niche with the likeminded folks in Digital Media, Advertising, PR and Marketing.

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Phifer Profile: Spotlight on Lucas Condon
It's Lucas Condon's Birthday! For his birthday, we're releasing a special exclusive interview with the 6'3'' soccer pro. ME: What are your birthday plans? LUCAS: I'm going to pick up wedding bands (for his wedding this summer in Madrid) and then I'm going to a family dinner. ME: If you could live anywhere, where would you live? LUCAS: Madrid, because I love Spanish culture and I am marrying a Spanish woman. LUCAS: Soccer. I played in college and was offered a professional contract with Chelsea FC at the age of 16, but turned it down because I wanted to finish school. ME: Favorite music? LUCAS: I am genre agnostic. In terms of bands, my preferences range from Swedish House Mafia to Gypsy Kings. ME: Favorite movie? LUCAS: Inception. Hope you enjoyed, and hopefully Lucas enjoys his birthday with a burger (which he confirmed he already got today) and whiskey sours!

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