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Louis T. Howard


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Coach - Amityville High School

Presiding Officer - Suffolk , Queens


Ph.D. - Aerospace Technology , 

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Lou Howard  An Amityville Treasure

Lou Howard This is all about Lou. One might be impressed with the list of "celebrities" that Lou has been associated with. My thought is, that it is they who were the lucky ones. To get a minute with Lou, is an event. He has such a zest for life. He gives each person the feeling that THEY are the most important person in his life, that moment. That is unforgettable. Here, for those who don't know Lou, is a synopsis of a life full of accomplishments. For those who know Lou, it's a reminder that we have a very special man in our midst. For all of Lou's adult life, he has distinguished himself in the fields of athletics, aviation, education, politics and business. Lou is a lifetime resident of Amityville He's also a long time member & past Sunday school teacherat Saint Paul's Lutheran Church. When a man such as Lou has accomplished so much, he might have one or two things stand out in his mind's eye, above the rest, and for whatever reasons.While they do not in any way diminish other milestones and accomplishments, these two things warmed Lou beyond expression. I am looking at a letter, "To Whom It May Concern" and it's fromWestern Colorado University.It says,"This is to certify that Lou Thomas Howard has satisfactorily completed the requirements of theDegree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education That degree was officially conferred on February 3, 1978, "with all rights,privileges and immunities thereunto appertaining".Dr. Lou Thomas HowardLouis T. Howard: Renaissance Man This is how Lou is described in the commemorative booklet;A lifelong Babylon Town resident, Lou Howard has served our community in so many ways, as a mentor, friend, and "uncle" to thousands of the town's young people. Mr. Howard coached Amityville's football teams for 15 years and still holds the record in New York State for the best win-loss percentage of any high school football coach.Armed with a Ph.D. in Aerospace Technology, Mr. Howard helped develop SUNY Farmingdale's aerospace program and served as it's first chairman. He wrote a textbook to teach pilots how to fly the instrument landing system and was appointed to serve on a federal advisory committee to help design the first space shuttle for NASA. To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's famous transatlantic flight, Mr. Howard retraced the pilot's flight, landing in LeBourget field outside of Paris. A plaque honoring Mr. Howard hangs in LeBourget City Hall. Mr. Howard has also enjoyed a successful career in politics serving as Amityville Trustee and Mayor, Presiding Officer of the Suffolk County Legislature and New York State Assemblyman.(Lou was nominated by John Eustace and Jane Schmitt)Continuing, more about Lou Howard Lou Howard is considered to be one of the nation's most unique and knowledgeable educators. He's highly respected in Aviation, Coaching and Motivational SpeakingListed among Lou's flying ratings are the following. Lou is listed in the membership rolls of many aviation industry organizations as well as in several Aviation Honorary Societies.~ Military Service ~U.S. Army Air Force - 4 yrs active duty.~ Business affiliations ~Lou has been owner or part owner of businesses in publishing, plastics, travel, driving, investing and real estate.Lou was the first Suffolk County person named to that board.Now introducing, Coach Lou HowardLOU HOWARD: Amityville H.S. (LI)Lou was the only High School Coach in the nation Lou has a career WON / LOST Percentage of 845%.Tops in New York State for anyone coaching more than 10 years.Never had a losing season during his coaching career.Won 9 consecutive league championships starting with his first season as a head coach. This has never been duplicated in 70 years of LI High School Football.Won 5 consecutive Rutgers Trophies - no other team ever won more than 2 in a row.Lou wrote the book "The Modern Short Punt" published by Prentice Hall. Lou was named to the Long Island Sports Hall of Fame.Amityville High School Football Field is now "Lou Howard Field"Because of his philosophy of coaching and as an inspirational speaker, Lou is a sought after banquet speaker.Lou has written two books on football and one football text book at McMasters Universities in Canada. There are pages and pages of the many accomplishments of Lou Howard. I hope that in giving a synopsis of his life's accomplishments, that I have done Lou justice. I'd like the reader here to understand that no matter which "Lou"..... "Pilot Lou", "Educator Lou", "Coach Uncle Lou", "Politician Lou" "Author Lou", "Consultant Lou", etc. that you meet, you will never forget him and you will love him as all of us do. Stay tuned, Lou isn't finished yet! Lou and his wife, Margaret have 7 children and live in Amityville. If you'd like to e-mail Lou, send a note to me and I will get it to him. e-mail: Roberta Paul Web DesignerCompiled by Roberta Paul from information via Lou Howard.

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Legendary Amityville High School coach Lou Howard produced powerhouse teams throughout the 1950's and '60's, featuring great players like Bernie Wyatt and John Niland who both attended Iowa.

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Amityville Union Free School District

Louis Howard (Football)

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