Ljubco Georgievski

Ljubco Georgievski

Chairman at VMRO-DPMNE

General Information


Prime Minister - the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Bulgarian Ambassador - MACED

President and Prominent Leader of the Executive Committee - United Methodist Church

Vice President - Republic of Macedonia


Member - Parliament

Member - Presidency of the NGO Friends of the Pan European Movement for the Republic

Prime Minister - Macedonia

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Ljubco Georgievski, chairman of VMRO-DPMNE [1], the largest opposition party in the Republic of Macedonia points out:

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Republic of Macedonia on the road to Euro-Atlantic integration - Ifimes

Ljubco Georgievski was the third Prime Minister of the independent and autonomous Republic of Macedonia (1998-2002).
He has been one of the holders of democratic changes and founders of the modern Republic of Macedonia. In 1991 he was Vice President of the Republic of Macedonia and during the period 1990-2003 he was the founder and President his VMRO-DPMNE political party. He is currently the President of VMRO-NP. His government managed to achieve sound financial indicators, double foreign-exchange reserves and create a large budget surplus. In 2001 Prime Minister Georgievski signed the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) between the Republic of Macedonia and the EU. At the lecture Mr. Georgievski will talk about EU-Macedonian relations and the accession process, Macedonians' expectations from full membership in EU and NATO, the current situation in Macedonia, the name dispute between Skopje and Athens and the presidential election scheduled for April this year.

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One of the signatories was the Prime Minister, Mr. Ljubco Georgievski, head of the VMRO-DPMNE, the moderate right wing ruling party.
Georgievski has tactical differences with his erstwhile friend and co-partisan, the current President of Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski, who came to power in much disputed elections, decided by the votes of the Albanian population in 1999. Georgievski resents the West's apparent lenience towards the NLA and firmly believes that agreements should never be signed at gunpoint. It is sometimes expressed even by the Prime Minister, Mr. Ljubco Georgievski. As far as Mr. Georgievski is concerned, he devoted himself, from the very beginning of his career, to ensuring that Macedonia becomes a part of NATO and the EU family - and I am deeply convinced of that. But he is a man of dignity, honesty, and open rhetoric. It is not a matter of anti-NATO toughness. These are his proper reactions and the way he feels.

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